Friday, June 26, 2015

Summerfest and Swimming

A Butterfly and Thor

Hanging out in the craft yard

Elise made a windmill
Carter made a mustache
Um guys I think your faces are in the wrong side
Monroe Selfie Time!

Monroe's Selfie Video
Mommy and Monroe
First swim at the Aquatic Center! Elise was so excited because her school took a class field trip there in May, but because of her leg she had to sit and watch.
Monroe's first trip to the pool!
Watch her reaction

I asked Carter why he was making this face he said the sun and water were in his eyes, classic

She loved it!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Days

So when I think back to last summer I remember being hot and pregnant, which basically meant I wasn't up to do as much as I usually would with the kiddos. So far this summer I made a goal to do one fun thing every day with the kids. The one we do almost daily is the kids get sprayed with water on the trampoline. We have been to the library, on walks, playing with friends, and swimming. As for some updates on the kids, Monroe turned 8 months old and she is getting so big, wearing size 18-24 months! 18 month fits best though. Some 12 month clothes still fit her, but I might have to squish her a little bit. She now has three teeth on the bottom, can feed herself cheerios like a champ, can pull herself up in her crib and she is starting to move forward. She will get this whole crawling thing down very soon. It also seems like she likes to sing along when she hears music. Elise is happy to be cast free although I remind her daily to be extra careful and to take breaks to rest her leg. Carter has figured how to snap and do a front flip on the tramp, oh and he's started training so in the future he can be on America's Ninja Warrior :) Ha! He also got his very own library card this week. Until next time...

Playing in the backyard
I think the circus is in town
8 Months!

 Her first word is Mama!
I love this outfit!
 Happy Girl

 Silly kids
 Fun on the tramp, what a little ballerina!
 I'm a Maniac, Maniac....a little Tommy Boy enjoyment
 Having fun at the library
 Carter got his own card
Did you know you can check out 50 items at a time? Whoa! I don't think I want that much responsibility, ha!
 Out for some walks

 A pizza and root beer in their swimsuits kind of a night
Monroe seems to always try to sing along when music is playing. Future superstar?
Monroe practicing to crawl
Someone pulled themselves up in their crib!
Happy Father's Day Daniel!
The kids made this for Daniel: I forgot about these, cute!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Idaho Trip: Part 2

Here are pictures of the second half of our trip. We went to Bear World, played with cousins, went out to eat and were lucky enough to have Daniel join us on our last two days. Enjoy :)

Cousin fun: Bailey, Addison, Lexi and Leighton
Striped fun! Elise and Addison
Group shot
Choo choo

Whitney and Monroe fun

Ramona and Monroe
Grammy's turn!
Pretty sure this is my kids favorite ride

Roller Coaster
I didn't get any good pics of the Bears but here is a Buffalo
Cousins Bailey and Austin
This is how Monroe felt on the way home
Sprinkler fun with Cousins

Boston and Bailey
Rocking her first Chick Fil-A experience
Date Night! A 10:00pm movie, this rarely happens :)
We think this girl might be double jointed she is constantly doing the splits
She is also getting very close to crawling...ahhhhhh!