Thursday, September 22, 2016

Quincy is Here!

Quincy Samasoni born on September 21st at 6:37pm. He is 8 lbs and 20 1/2 inches long. Welcome to our family sweet boy :) We love you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oh Monroe how we LOVE you!

I just wanted to do a little shout out to my baby before she is not the baby anymore. Sniff sniff. Monroe, Mommy and Poppa love you so much! You are the sweetest most snuggly girl! We love that you are starting to speak and you get so excited when you see your family. She screams in excitement everyday when Elise and Carter get home from school. We love how you love to shake it to a good song and you are the least picky eater in the world. We hope since you love baby dolls so much that you will be excited for your new brother too :) You can help feed him and change his diaper. It will be a swell time. Love you Monroe! Guys, this girl really has our heart. And with that here are some recent pictures of this girl.

She always says a loud CHEESE when she smiles now
Snoozing like a Boss in her crib
 Snoozing on Mommy after getting some peppermint oil in her eyes - whoops!
 Getting ready to take her dollie for a stroll
 Sharing with her baby
 "Baby drink"
 Oh yeah and she's a total babe :)
I had never seen her do this before. I thought she was playing her I am pretending to be asleep game, but nope she was out. Silly girl
 Off to swim! Cheeeese
 Playing with Mommy
 Trying to sing Happy Birthday to a Barbie
Monroe don't eat your feet :)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back to School...Back to School

First and Third Grade for Carter and Elise. Elise was excited to see all of her friends again and Carter was excited about recess :) At the end of the day I got two thumbs up from them. Carter is in a smaller class this year and I am pretty sure he will like all the extra attention :) My favorite thing about the first day of school was when Daniel got home from work he asked Carter how it went.  He said, "It was hard, but I made it through." Ha ha best answer ever! Then Whitney and Bailey came up to play for a few days. Whitney helped me get my house in order and now it's just the waiting game for this baby!

First Day of 3rd Grade

 First Day of 1st Grade

 Off to class
 Carter was so fast, this is all I got, ha!
 Out to breakfast with Aunt Whitney

 Tramp time
 I didn't get a winning pic, but the kids had a picnic in the backyard

 I like that they are holding hands, I didn't even tell them to do that :)
 Time to get sprayed on the tramp



 Utah State Work BBQ

 It was hot! I like that Monroe is smiling even though she is eating chips

 Groovy shades Elise
 Aggie soccer game
 Kids were excited to see Blue

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Aggie Fan Day!!!!

Took the kids to Aggie Fan Day again this year. Kids had fun playing on the bouncy houses and getting some free stuff. I was hot, but I survived. Good luck Aggies on your new season! First game is September 1st. We have also been getting ready for the kids to go back to school. Doctor visits, hair cuts, last trips to the library and Aquatic Center etc etc. Kids are excited! Enjoy some pics from this week :)

 Poppa and Monroe
These cute Aggie fans
This was hilarious
 They loved it!

You can see the new press box on the left and our new score board. Fancy!

Here are the kids prizes from the library for sticking to their reading program this summer. A jump rope and a hat.

 Playing computer games at the library
 Monroe liked it too
 Last trip to the Aquatic Center

 The last 4 years at the Aquatic Center
Mommy and Monroe
 Pretty pretty Monroe
 Jen and El were visiting for the day and got to go swimming too

5 inches cut - eek! She loves it though!
 New bedding! She makes her bed everyday now, it's cute :)
 I love this dress
 This is the best one I could get
My Aunt Renee came to visit