Monday, June 11, 2018

Week with Bailey!

Trevor came down for work. Whitney and Bailey came to play and then Whitney and Trevor went to Vegas for their anniversary and Bailey stayed and played some more with us. We wanted to show her a swell time. We showed her parks, especially our favorite Thunder Junction and we did lots of lots of swimming! Bailey you are welcome anytime! We miss you!
Twinner cousins

 First in line for the train

 Here we go...

 Such a cool park

 Twinners for bedtime in their LOL shirts
 Swimming time

 Sunday with Bailey
 Whitney returns :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ancient Findings

When we moved to St George I have been compiling a list of cool things to do in our area. I am slowing crossing off this list when we have down time. I am also adding to this list as I am getting to know people and hearing of new things all the time. Recently I took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at the Johnson Farm site and Bloomington Petroglyph Park. The Dinosaur Museum is where thousands of dinosaur tracks were discovered on site in the year 2000 from over 200 million years ago while the Johnson family were excavating their property. As for Petroglyph park, it is a similar story, they were discovered on the rocks while the Bloomington neighborhoods were being built. I think it is so amazing that so much history has been presevered and discovered right here in St. George.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

End of the Year Programs

Busy, Busy end of May with lots of school programs. Plus Carter's accident which resulted in his first stitches, 9 to be exact. Last day of school, playing at the park, visiting our local library and getting to see my friend Kylee and her cute kids. Now summer has officially started and we are ready to spend/survive our first summer in St. George and make new memories. Here we go....

Elise's 4th grade concert

Carter's 2nd grade concert

They learned how to play the Ukulele this year

Elise's school play - The Weather Show. She played one of the narrators

Some of her friends, Mariah and Lucy
Piano Recital

Elise's performance: Mr. McGill's Boop Sha-Bop
I told the kids to pose for a quick picture in front of the lava rocks that are pretty cool and all over in Santa Clara. Not pictured is Carter already on the top left of the hill. As I told him to come down, he fell down the hill and scraped his leg so bad we had to rush to the instacare for stitches.
2 hours at the instacare...good times. Just waiting for the doc
Getting all stitched up

Last day of school and pants for Carter to protect his stitches :)

 Library fun

 Park days
 Thunder Junction on hot days

 Elise and Lily
 Summer haircuts for the boys including Quincy's 1st, which makes him look more grown up.

 Me and my friend Kylee hanging out - I can't WAIT until we can hang out again
 Trying to get a picture of our kids
 Memorial day I visited my mother's parents (my grandparents graves)