Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year and A New Adventure

Happy New Year! The Magalogo Family has begun a new adventure. After 7 years in Logan we have moved to the St. George area, Santa Clara to be exact. Daniel got a new job and we moved right after Christmas. The kids are excited about the warmer weather and we have been to the park almost every day since we got here. So definitely bye bye snow and hello to jean jackets and slippers (flip flops). Behind our house is a giant baseball field, a park and splash pad, the kids love it! There is also a pool nearby that we are excited to check out. The kids just started their new school and so far so good. The both gave me huge smiles on their first day. Daniel is loving his new job and I have been working hard on getting the house unpacked. Once I get everything set up I will do a post with some pics of the new digs. Here are some pics of beautiful Santa Clara.

Our first day :)
Happy New Year!
Packing right after Christmas
 I gave the kids boxes to pack up their rooms, but they made a giant fort instead
 Look at this sweet sign Elise's friends gave her on her last day of school
 Seriously a 4th grader wrote this? Nice friends

  On our first day Elise really wanted to touch a palm tree for the first time
 Checking out the park behind our house

 Another day, another park

This kid has been a little beat up lately. He fell down at our first trip to the park, but he is still a happy guy on the swing :)

 Quincy is getting so big!
New Park!
Frist day of school
 Then I got to hang out again with these two during the day
 Park #5 that we have found so far

This is my favorite thing about the move so far. This red rock is beautiful and we can see it from our house and all around the neighborhood. I will get a better shot or video of it soon.

 Baseball field behind our house
We were lucky enough to catch the Christmas lights and nativity at the St. George Temple

Saturday, December 30, 2017

"Santa Claus is coming to town..."

It's really here! That's what Elise and Carter said when they woke up Christmas Eve morning. We started the morning by going to church. Then we hung out the rest of the day by watching Christmas movies and watching Christmas Story Live. We also did a gingerbread house and then we got ready for Santa to come. The kids got their new jammies, fed the reindeer, got the Santa plate ready, opened one present and we finished the night by reading Twas the Night before Christmas. Christmas morning was magical as always. It was so neat to see the excitement on their faces. Enjoy some pictures and videos from our Christmas Eve and morning. A few pictures are a little dark and blurry, but the kids woke up at 6:00 am this year, the earliest to date! Elise's favorite presents were LOLs, Karaoke microphone and the game Jenga. Carter's favorite presents were video games, board game Sorry and his guitar. Monroe loved her LOLs and Peppa pig toys. Quincy was happy for his football slippers and everything including boxes and wrapping paper. Until next year!

Christmas Eve Sunday
Happy guy today
 After dinner time for crackers, a toy inside and a joke

 Gingerbread time

 Reindeer food
I think I should have helped Monroe with her reindeer food
 She dumped out her whole bag lol

 Santa plate is ready to go
 Blurry, but this was my favorite one I got Christmas Eve
 They are looking so old. Sigh
 Santa came

 LOLs for Elise and Monroe, Puzzle for Q and Guitar for Carter
Christmas morning
 Lego game

 Harry Potter apron

 Moana towel

And that was Christmas