Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Reunited and It Feels So Good..."

I got to take the kiddos for our annual Granat Reunion (Daniel had to work with the football team) for the weekend. We went swimming at Downata Hot Springs, which was amazing, I am in love their slides!  The following day we went to the local movie theater where my mom had rented it out just for us. This included free popcorn and drinks, the kids were in heaven. Monroe of course got to go to her first movie (Elise and Carter were 3), so if she was a little fussy it was okay because it was just the Granat Family. :) I have to say that is definitely the way to see a movie. We saw the new Avengers movie which was fun because I hadn't gotten to see it yet. Afterwards we went to The Diner with our group of 26 which included a back private room for us. (Good work again Mom) We then spent the afternoon at my sister Lauren's house. The kids swam and we watched old family movies, it was a swell time :) I can't wait to go again. As for us it's that time of year again, school has started and the first official Aggie game is next week. Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall.

Monroe enjoying the splash pad at Downata
Fun, Fun, Fun
 Skipper and Grammy looking so cute
 Cousin Fun
Some of the Granats. My brother Brinn, Sister in Law Ramona and two of their kids, Leighton and Austin.
 Carter wanting to take a dip in some of the hot pools
 Austin was not afraid of the slide
 McCall and Monroe. Monroe loves the water
Lauren, Merritt, Monroe, Karina and McCall
 Monroe loving on Aunt Whitney
 Boston and Monroe
 This was Monroe at the end of the day. Hey swimming is hard work :)
Our very own sign
Eating some yummy food

 Bailey and Carter
 All the Granat grandkids, minus Monroe who was asleep and Dalan's Family who couldn't make it.

 Grammy and Skipper with the kids
 Elise and Carter LOVE popcorn! Excited for the movie!
 Avengers assemble
 Iron Man
Diner fun....check out these quiet, well behaved kids. Ha!

 Kirse and her favorite baby Monroe :)
 Just chillin
 Watching Granat Family movies
 Swimming at the LaClare's house: Tate, Bailey and Elise
 Boston giving a wave
 Carter loves his sister
 Going for a ride in "The Thing" Elise, Bailey and Carter
 Merritt, McCall, Monroe and Karina
 Ethan, Merritt, Karina, Elise, McCall and Monroe
 Hi Monroe!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August Adventures

This past week I was able to take the kiddos on a hike, they had a dental check up and best of all my sister Kirse and nephew Sullivan came to visit. We went to the Aquatic Center, the Zoo, Aggie Ice cream, and the Tabernacle. It was way fun! We then got to go to Idaho for the Granat Family Reunion. We have been busy busy busy. Until next time...

Hiking with Mommy

A little Teepee fun
Taking some pics on the bridge

Skipping rocks
Great dental check up - Carter cavity free
Elise - 1 cavity, I'll take it :)
Playing in the porta crib. I am so glad she likes to play in here. :)

What's not to love?
All ready for church
Check out this model...no really, I know he is my kid and all, but sometimes I think he could do modeling.
Monroe all dolled up for church. Can you tell her to stop getting so big? Seriously she looks like she is going into nursery already. Monroe you have 9 more months!

Singing in the morning
 Last trip to the Aquatic Center before school starts
 Yay for Aunt Kirse visiting! Monroe loves her :)
I LOVE the water!
Elise and cousin Sullivan swimming
Elise and Sullivan's first time down the fast slide. I can't believe she is finally tall enough to go!
 Cousin Fun
 Pointing with the Statue at the Temple
 Monroe chillin at the zoo
 Feeding the Reindeer