Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Carter!

And just like our Crazy Carter is 8 years old! Seriously how does this happen. Life really does go so fast. Carter is always excited for a good time and loves sports, video games, board games, magic tricks and wants to be the next American Ninja Warrior. Happy Birthday Carter! Love, Elise, Monroe, Quincy, Mommy and Poppa.

Baby Carter
Age 1
 Age 2
 Age 3
 Age 4
 Age 5
 Age 6
Age 7
And this is what 8 looks like

Monday, January 29, 2018

Our Little Sunbeam

Monroe had her first official week in Primary. She had a hard time sitting still, but loved being able to go with Carter.
 Running errands with Mommy. First time riding in this type of cart at the grocery store
 Bath time with these silly guys

All grown up
Ready for a day with Mommy
 Friday is our busiest day of the week, lots of running around for these two
 Park fun
 I love this gorgeous park behind our house

Look at this guy go!
A Million Dreams...we are obsessed with the musical The Greatest Showman. Seriously so good! We listen to the music daily at our house. After she sang this I had her do it a second time.
A Million Dreams #2

Monday, January 22, 2018

Nix that Appendix!

Elise woke up with a tummy ache on a Thursday morning. I just kind of blew her off thinking it was nothing so I sent her to school. She called me two hours later and asked me to come pick her up. I thought it was just the stomach flu, but her tummy just kept getting worse. I didn't want to jump to conclusions, but I was thinking appendicitis in the back of my mind. Still I waited because her pain was centralized by her belly button and not on the right side. She had a small fever too. All day and night she was extremely clingy and complaining. She didn't want to eat and didn't really have any other symptoms, something about this just felt different. Early Friday morning (6:00am) she was soooooooo bad and the pain had moved to her right side that I told Daniel I felt like we really needed to take her to the ER. Since Daniel was new at his job I didn't want him to miss work if it was nothing. So I braved the ER and took all the kiddos in with me and sent him to work. After hours and hours of tests (snacks and electronic devices for the kids) and waiting it was confirmed that it was indeed appendicitis. I was however, super impressed with our first experience at this new hospital, they got her into surgery with 40 minutes of diagnosis! Daniel rushed over right after we got the diagnosis and was there with me before she went into surgery. We were also lucky enough we had some friends from Logan who live right by the hospital and were able to watch the other kids. Good news is we caught her appendicitis early enough that it didn't rupture. So yay! But seriously no fun, the idea of surgery with your children is no fun. Luckily in our case she did amazingly well and recovery has been a breeze. One of my other favorite memories of this as if that is a thing is that her new teacher on the day I told the school about the surgery actually came over to see Elise and brought her a pint of ice-cream. How sweet is that? Elise is now back at school and her incisions are healing nicely, we are hoping she can swim soon so we can check out the local Aquatic Center.

"Mommy I don't feel well"
Here we are just waiting and waiting for the test results
This was right after surgery. She was pretty zonked.

All she wanted was a Sundae. We were happy to oblige
Elise spent the next week chillin on the couch. She loved having  control of the remote :)
The house is still not ready after being here almost one month, but hey the garage is organized enough so we can park in there so I'm glad about that. Here are some pictures of our new house. Some pictures are from our first day and some are from today. Enjoy :) Here's our kitchen.

Family room

Downstairs half bath

Upstairs laundry - pretty happy about this, never had one upstairs before on the level of our bedrooms.
 Girl's room - We are still waiting for their new beds to arrive
 Boy's room. This was before we got Carter's new bed
 Which is still in for new furniture is fun, but can take some time
Kids bathroom
 Our bedroom
 Walk-in closet
 Master bath. Not the best pic, but the jetted tub is my fav :)

I am hoping to keep cleaning, organizing and hang up pictures soon. Until next time...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Historic Tour

Took the kids on a little historic tour of Santa Clara. We got to check out some old historic homes and took a tour of Jacob Hamblin's home. Santa Clara was founded by Hamblin and Mormon settlers from Switzerland and was established in 1854. I am excited to check out the Swiss Days Celebration they do here in the fall.

Santa Clara Heritage Square
First School Bell
Historic home
Built in 1870

Another family home
Built in 1870

Relief Society House 1907

Jacob Hamblin's home. This was built high on the hill after his fort and buildings were destroyed in the great flood of 1862.
Waiting for our tour to start
Driving around
Checking out Tuacahn Theatre which is actually not too far from our house

I had no idea there is a performing arts high school out there. You should have seen Elise's face! Ha

This is a face swap of Elise and Monroe on snapchat. Proof that they are sisters! A little freaky, but cool.
Oh and I forgot to include this on my last post. It is my top 9 pictures of 2017. Enjoy!