Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Aggie Fan Day!!!!

Took the kids to Aggie Fan Day again this year. Kids had fun playing on the bouncy houses and getting some free stuff. I was hot, but I survived. Good luck Aggies on your new season! First game is September 1st. We have also been getting ready for the kids to go back to school. Doctor visits, hair cuts, last trips to the library and Aquatic Center etc etc. Kids are excited! Enjoy some pics from this week :)

 Poppa and Monroe
These cute Aggie fans
This was hilarious
 They loved it!

You can see the new press box on the left and our new score board. Fancy!

Here are the kids prizes from the library for sticking to their reading program this summer. A jump rope and a hat.

 Playing computer games at the library
 Monroe liked it too
 Last trip to the Aquatic Center

 The last 4 years at the Aquatic Center
Mommy and Monroe
 Pretty pretty Monroe
 Jen and El were visiting for the day and got to go swimming too

5 inches cut - eek! She loves it though!
 New bedding! She makes her bed everyday now, it's cute :)
 I love this dress
 This is the best one I could get
My Aunt Renee came to visit

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"Summer Days Drifting Away..."

Only a couple more weeks until school starts again. We are just enjoying the cooler temperatures this week and I am in full nesting mode for this baby! Getting everything set up, organized and ready to go! 6 more weeks! Here we go....

Park Fun!

Castle Park
 It always takes her a minute to warm up to the slide

 She loves everything swings

We had fun until Carter got stung by a hornet/wasp :( Ouch - swollen and hot arm. He was pretty tough about it though.
 Showing off her hair towel ;)

 Carter is loving his new Star Wars bed with a slide!

 Elise drew herself, Carter and Monroe at the Temple
Monroe has so many expressions!
Annoying brothers :)
Not the best picture, but here I am 33 weeks!
Baby boy moving

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Salt Lake Adventures

Daniel had to go to Las Vegas for work (rough life lol) so we decided to play in Salt Lake while he was away. The kids had fun swimming, playing badminton, going to Jungle Jims, eating lots of yummy food and playing with friends and family. Enjoy :)

Love how these girls always want to match!
 Jungle Jim's Playland
 Monroe, Arianna and Anuhea on a ride
 She loved this little roller coaster

 Esme and Bailey
 Arcade game fun
 These pictures are fun - Tornado game



 Happy Birthday Whitney!
 Yum! 2 cakes!

Uncle Kirk and my Dad teaching Carter and Elise how to play badminton, priceless.

 Stroller shopping for the new baby
 Having fun with Bailey
This video is hilarious! Carter is saying "I am King of the World" (Not sure why he knows that) and Elise is super goofy. Good times!
Splash Pad

 Monroe was unsure of the water at first
 Carter loved it