Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Primary Program

Elise, Carter and Monroe participated in their first Primary Program in our Samoan ward. It was so special to hear them sing in Samoan and Elise nailed her solo! Nice work kiddos! It was so neat to see how hard this ward worked for the program. We had weekly practices outside of church since July. All of the kids had their parts memorized and the songs sounded amazing! 60+ kids wearing matching ties, flowers and leis sang their little hearts out. It was my favorite program to date. We also have been busy playing at the park, Thunder Junction and still swimming. Enjoy :)

The Program
 The Primary
 Sunbeam class
 I dressed Q to match too
Thunder Junction

One token please
 Train ride

 Park time

 Still swimming in October :)

We said goodbye to this high chair. It has served our family well for 10 years. I remember how thoughtful it was for my old co-workers to pull together their money and buy this as a group present at my baby shower for Elise.
Quincy has moved up to a booster seat and is enjoying his first Happy Meal. I think he's pretty happy about it.
These two have been so giggly lately. Silly kids

 Sunday attire
 Still trying to get this guy to love nursery class at church

Elise and Daniel made some yummy banana bread
 October 1st...here we go....
House is decorated

Halloween sugar cookies have been made and decorated.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Birthday Party and Swiss Days

We had a Football birthday party for Quincy and spent the evening at Swiss Days. The kids had fun getting their face painted, eating yummy food, playing in bounce houses, rock climbing and attending their first country artist concert. Elise made her first ever two-tiered 9 x 13 cake. She did the baking and decorating all by herself. Nice work Elise! The next day the party continued and we went to a classic car show. Very cool, the kids thought so too. :)

Happy Birthday Q!
 Birthday cake made by Elise

 Birthday decor

 Cake time!
Present time!

Remote control car present was a definite kid pleaser
Birthday boy
 Swiss Days: Rock climbing

Carter made it to the top
 Face painting
 Elise's turn
 Bounce house

 Fire truck tour and free hat
 Fish and Chips for dinner

 Classic car show: Carter found his dream car

 "Mom why is the steering wheel on the wrong side?"
 Batmobile they called it

 I liked this one a lot
 This was the closest to The Thing we could find.