Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Go Shorty Ish Your Birthday!!

Carter's birthday was celebrated all weekend long! With his official birthday on Friday we had lots of family in town and had a little party for him. On Saturday we celebrated with his baptism. On Sunday we celebrated by going to church where he got a birthday bag full of treats and more special treatment. Then on Monday he got to celebrate by having the day off school. See what I mean, it was just a full weekend of fun for this boy!! Enjoy lots of pics :)

Birthday Boy
Dabbing his way into turning 8

On his way to school for his birthday
Pretty excited (he got to be King for the day and took 5 things to talk about himself)
Present from his teacher
Present time
His own scriptures
Seriously he plays with this ALL day long. Who knew? His favorite present!
And on the design you can't take the stickers off, ha!
Elise made him a cute card
While he was at school Monroe and Bailey hung out. Here they are posing in front of our baby palm tree in our front yard.
The cute park behind our house

This is what I call Q's playroom. It's a cupboard! Seriously it's tiny! I can't believe these three fit in there :)
Dress up fun with cousins

And now Monroe is obessed

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Eight is Great!

On February 17th, 2018 Carter made the decision to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was feeling sad since we recently moved that not very many people would be able to make the long 6-7 hour drive to St. George to attend.  However, we were very touched with all the family that made the trek from Wyoming, Idaho and Utah to attend. It was a gorgeous day, 65 degrees and Carter was super excited. Everything went smoothly, including our luncheon after, mostly I just hope that our main goal of Carter feeling special was met and he will remember this day forever. Congrats Carter on making this choice, you will never regret it, we love you!

Carter on his baptism day
Carter and Poppa ready to head over to the church
 Grandpa giving Carter a little pep talk right before
 All set up and ready to go!
Bailey and Monroe ran to each-other in hallway and embraced (it was adorable).
Carter's program

 Bailey and Carter
 Carter and Auntie Elizabeth
 Secret shot before the actual baptism
Daniel and Elise's musical number
Luncheon afterward (We had a great turn out, all the tables were full!)
 Center piece
 Dessert table (Elise sampling)
 Kids table
Skipper, Carter and Grammy. I love this picture so much! I also love how Carter's tie broke in the dressing room, classic!
 Grandma, Grandpa, Carter, Elise, Monroe and Ilaoa Grandkids
 Cousins Kayla, Kezia and Elise enjoying some sunshine
 Monroe doing some posing too
Card and journal for Carter from the Primary presidency
 Family pic
Whitney and Trevor partying with Q and Carter
 Daniel's sister and family with Carter
Grandma and Grandpa with Carter
These three :)
 Bailey is hired! Best babysitter for Quincy, no really!
 Monroe stealing Mommy's diet coke
And this right here is my favorite family photo from the baptism. The best part is that Bailey wanted to take some with us too. It really makes me like it even more. Love you Bailey!!!
 Here he is ready for church the next day with his own scriptures and all
 He got this frame at church too. I was impressed with how fast they got it done for him. Nice work!