Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Q!

Wow has it really been a year, seriously! I remember that day so well. It started by taking out the trash and going to the doctor and ended with a sweet baby and a crazy thunder storm! Quincy has been quite the trooper with this crazy bunch! He is always such a happy guy who loves to play, eat, swim and now walk all over the place! His new things lately are shaking his head and starting to climb. He loves to play with any kind of ball and is obsessed with anything on my nightstand, no seriously (every single day). Thanks Quincy for being so awesome, we love you!!! Happy 1st Birthday!!!!

Newborn Baby Q!  8 lbs
1 Year Old, 24 lbs 10 oz

Friday, September 8, 2017

Labor Day Adventures!

The kiddos and I took a trip up to Idaho Falls and we had fun at Bear World, making pizzas, watching movies, going for rides in The Thing and playing with cousins. We also took a quick trip to Salt Lake to visit our niece Bailey in the hospital and the kids have been busy with school. The temperature is changing and Fall is almost here!

Cousins at Bear World!
Siblings on a train

Addison and Elise



 Making pizzas

 Brotherly Love
 A ride in The Thing with Skipper

 Some fun at the dollar store
Attempting this with child #3, my tentative goal is by her birthday. So far she likes to go, but also doesn't really seem to mind staying in a diaper or pull up all day. So think happy thoughts for me and Monroe :) Here we go!
 Elise lost her 11th tooth!
 Carter is becoming quite the reader these days.
Elise has been sporting some cute older girl looking outfits lately

My Dad keeps saying that Quincy looks like Granat people. Here is a pic of my Dad's Dad. I know Q is just a baby, but I see it. I am interested to see what he will look like when he gets older :)
Here is Elise rocking morning announcements at school!
Took the kids to the store and they picked out a bunch of goodies for Bailey. She had to have her appendix out (poor girl).
 Visiting Bailey at Primary Children's Hospital


Skipper chillin with QB #18
 Just hanging with some super heroes

Quincy being cute

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Total Eclipse of the Heart"

We were able to witness the first total eclipse crossing through the U.S. in 99 years on August 21 at 11:34 am. It was truly a memorable event. I had heard about it for weeks and everybody was talking about to hurry up and get your glasses. I am a planner and normally would have already ordered some from Amazon or bought some from the store. I heard the local library was having an eclipse party and would have free glasses available so I decided we would attend and didn't think about it again. We arrived early for the party and saw over 2,000 people in line for free glasses at the library!!! Thinking to myself maybe I overthought how many people would be at this party we left and I went home and quickly grabbed supplies to make homemade cereal box eclipse glasses and we headed to Lundstrom Park. Once we arrived at the park we ran into people we knew who had tons of glasses, shared and we were all able to see the Eclipse, tragedy averted. We even got invited to a birthday party at the park, the kids got glitter tattoos and free food, it was a fun time for all. In Logan we didn't get Totality where it got completely dark during the day, but we got 95%, it definitely got much cooler (72 degrees), made some really cool shadows, got very quiet and it was just a very neat experience to share with others. So that is my story about the solar Eclipse. As for other fun pictures in the post, trips to the park, a quick trip to Salt Lake that resulted in seeing Kalena dance at her activity days Luau where the kids got their face painted. Then we attended the Aquatic Center before it closes for the season. Carter even went off the high dive! Good times! Enjoy :)

Carter enjoying the Eclipse
Elise figuring out how to keep the glasses on over her real glasses
Homemade eclipse glasses. People thought they were pretty cool and kept coming up to us at the park to talk to us about them and try them out :)
The shadows were oh so cool
 I started checking out shadows all over social media and found this cool one on instagram
 This was right when the temperature started to change. You can tell in this pic how the color outside is different.
 On another note - Quincy LOVES the swing!!!
 Glitter tattoos
 See 2,000 people, I wasn't exaggerating
Kalena ready to dance at her Luau
Elise got her face painted
Carter's turn
 Wonder Woman's turn
 Besties hanging out
 Monroe and Arianna
Eating some yummy Polynesian food

Park fun

 Aquatic Center

 My friend Laura and her daughter Hazel
 My friend Danielle and her daughter Lana
 Elise ran into two of her friends at the pool
Carter going off the high dive! Today was his first time going off a diving board and he mastered the high dive. Nice job!!
Fast slide
And that was August!