Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter Weekend going to Easter Eggs Hunts, dyeing eggs and getting ready for Easter Sunday.  Enjoy pictures from our holiday :)

Easter Sunday Kiddos
The girls ready before church
 Easter Bunny came

 Easter morning

Saturday morning Easter egg hunt. Too many people and 13,000 eggs were gone in 30 seconds! Quincy didn't even get any. It was sad to see people pushing and shoving, we will definitely be skipping this event in the future.

 Goodie bags for our primary class
  Dyeing eggs

 Ready for a BBQ at the park and a 2nd Easter egg hunt!
Carter looked up at the sky and said Mom it looks like a painting - so I took a pic.
Carter being Carter at the park

 Cute Easter treats
Our 2nd Easter egg hunt totally redeemed the mornings disastrous one.
  Quincy got lots of eggs this time!
And the girls found cash and quarters in some of the eggs. Say whaaat! They were excited!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Art Festival and Arbor Day!

Art Festival
The kids helped make this art that was displayed at the festival.

 Carousel Ride

Making some pottery for Carter

Then we ended at the Splash Pad
 Humpty Dumpty

 Chess time
 Lots of cool art
Arbor Day

 Playing games

 Quincy sat so still!
Cookie decorating
 Kite making
 Kite flying

Elise was here - Chalk drawing

 Hula hooping
 Parachute fun
Bingo!! Elise and Carter both won. Elise won a plant and Carter won an inflatable cooler.
 Then when we came home we realized it was HUGE!!!