Friday, November 30, 2018

Happy Holidays

Well it's after Thanksgiving and you know what that means....Christmas time is near and we are so excited! House is decorated, Santa letters have been written, Christmas clothes are out, Santa has been visited and we are planning Christmas activities for the kiddos. Happy almost December!

Great Santa here in St. George, very nice to the kids and they weren't busy, all of my favorite things.

Santa letters -Carter
 The kids asked our Buddy the Elf to take their letters to the North Pole for them.
Christmas tree is up

 Porch decorated
 Indoor snowballs fights

Reindeer Kids
Candy Cane Kids - Their school has dress up days for the whole month leading up to Christmas break. My heart is so happy they do this.
Telling Quincy and Monroe to pose for a picture after church. LOL :)
 Red/Silver Christmas clothes have begun
 Red Hills Desert Garden. Look presents in a cave!
 Our first desert Christmas

I didn't get the best pictures with it being dark and all. Plus it was WAY colder than I thought it would be.

View from the top of the Garden

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Granat Thanksgiving!

We went to Idaho Falls for Thanksgiving. We found family, tons of food, football and even snow! Kids had a fabulous time with their cousins and always love playing with all the toys Grammy and Skipper have in their basement. We finished the trip with an ALL DAY birthday celebration for Bailey. We went to see Ralph Break the Internet and had an LOL party afterwards. Enjoy tons of family pics. Thanks for the fun Granats! Love and miss you

These Pilgrims all ready to get their turkey on
November table setting
 My Thanksgiving girl
It snowed! Carter was happy to volunteer to shovel.

 Thanksgiving attire

 Elise and Addison

Table is set! Elise and Addison moved up to the grown up table this year.
 My mom working so hard - Grapefruit slush - Yum!
 Whitney sporting my mom's awesome Zabar apron working on some gravy
 Look I helped too!

Daniel worked hard in the kitchen making several dishes and even earned the coveted carving of the turkey. Thanks Dad!
 Here we go...Happy Thanksgiving!

Time to eat

Cracker time

 Reading all the jokes from the crackers

 Movie time - extra popcorn please
 Birthday girl with Monroe

 Cake time

Grammy and Monroe