Thursday, November 19, 2015

First Steps and More!

Well we now have a Walker! And no I am not referring to a zombie on The Walking Dead. Ha! Monroe is now moving and grooving around the house. We feel like these last few weeks have flown by, I mean Thanksgiving is next week, what what?! Elise and Carter had their Primary Program at church and nailed their parts, especially Carter he spoke so loud and clear, it was great. I was also able to go to a Pati concert (a singer I adored in Hawaii), it was fun to be 20 years old again, be in the front of the stage and dance. I also got Carter to be an honorary member of the USU break dancing crew. It's all about connections right? My favorite thing that one of the boys said was, "Whoa I have never seen a 5 year old with muscles!" As for Carter he is learning some sweet moves and is also starting to read, very exciting! Monroe now makes a sound every time you call her name, she knows where her hair and ears are, waves like crazy to everyone and she loves to dance :) Elise is loving school and has been drawing and writing stories any chance she gets. She told us when she grows up she wants to own her own restaurant, be a writer and a pop star. We also took a weekend trip to Idaho for my niece Bailey's birthday party. Enjoy tons of videos and pictures. Until next time. Happy Thanksgiving!

First Steps!
Practicing their parts for the Primary Program
Carter's turn
One quick snapshot before heading inside
 Monroe was so tired, but she was happy to match her big sister that day
 Pati yes please!
Back shot...I am to the left of the drummer, front row

I literally felt like I went in a time machine back to my days in Hawaii. It was awesome!!! Here is Pati singing "Island Girl." I am sorry for the dancing, might make it hard to watch, but how could I not dance? Haha!
Tali Malia (Daniel and his brothers sing this song too)


Happy November! Love these Turkeys
All three kiddos :)
Carter practicing with the USU break dancing crew
 He's an honorary member
Our first snow
Carter is starting to read!
Elise drew this picture for a school project on family, it made me smile :)
And totally unrelated but my brother in law got to hang out with Lolo Jones for 3 days for work. So cool! Daniel appreciated the shout out too :)
Lolo's snapchat about Tim's awesome job
Hi Daniel
Listening to some jams 
 Going for a ride
Underground Club Ie Grammy and Skipper's basement.with DJ Daniel. A little dancing with cousins to Justin Bieber.
Stanky leg
Fire Chief
 Princess Party for Bailey: Painting with watercolors

Monroe's turn
Everybody looks so excited for cake....ha ha. Carter and Bailey look so chill, I love it
Elise started coloring in my old coloring book she found at Grammy and Skipper's house. I love how she signs her pictures just like I did. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

It was a Fang-tastic Halloween!

We had a busy Halloween week! We went to a trunk or treat, the movies, school parties, a Halloween carnival, a haunted house and the main event trick or treating....whew! It was a good time! Enjoy tons of pictures. Happy Halloween! Until next year :)

Happy Halloween from Dorothy, Princess Leia and The Karate Kid


Danielson (get it?)
Proof that I dressed up too. Hula girl
Trunk or Treat
Carter's friend from the Aggie games was there

My favorite Lego family there!
Princess Leia getting ready
 Crazy hair day at school

Took the kiddos to see Hotel Transylvania 2 during Halloween week
 Ready for his Halloween party at school
 Practicing some moves
 Carter's Kindergarten party, here are one of the stations, we painted pumpkins
 Waiting for all the students to come and have a dance party (Do you see all the Elsas?)
Elise in the Halloween Parade
Second Grade dance...It was hard to see her, but Elise is on the ground in the back middle. 
 Halloween Carnival at Church
 Face Painting

 My favorite family costume. Curious George, Man in the Yellow Hat and the Doorman :)
Trick or Treating at Lee's Marketplace

 Halloween Spook Alley
Oh here is a little shout out to my niece Bailey dressed as Elle Woods this year for Halloween. Vote for Elle!! Whitney you come up with the BEST costumes! :) Nice job!
Getting ready to go Trick or Treating
 Trying to take one quick pic before we left to go trick or treating

3 days later and this is all the candy left. Can you guess who has a sweet tooth? Ha!