Monday, August 6, 2018

August Already??

Is it really August already or has the heat just melted the days together? Crazy! I don't feel like I got to do all the things on my St. George bucket list, but I blame that on the heat and us having to hide out a little bit more in the ac. The kids are even starting school in a week! So we are running around trying to get everything ready for them. I hope they have a great year and love their new teachers and their new principal. Our friends Jen and El came down for the weekend and we got to hang out them. I also took the kids to tour Brigham Young's House. Enjoy a few pics, until next week...

Quincy is getting really good at posing
On Sundays we wear pink :)
 The Pe'a Family visited us for the weekend
 A little Chip N Dale after church lol
 Swim time
 Monroe and Natalie

 Another day of swimming - Just trying to stay cool.

Took the kids to check out Brigham Young's Home from 1871

Friday, July 27, 2018

Museum Fun and Pioneer Day!

St. George Museum Round 2
I let Quincy out of the stroller and he did so great and LOVED everything!

I LOVE the Theatre room. Look at this girl - on her way to stardom!

Flying an airplane together
He really loves all animals right now, he wanted to hug the cow.
Cooking time

Time to sort the mail

 King and Queen
 Ready to run errands with Mommy
Sunday kiddos and Carter's (french tuck) shirt :)
 Playing dress up - Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy
 Pioneer Day party
 BBQ and swimming

 But man this heat is killing me...we are hiding out a lot. :(

Thursday, July 19, 2018

4th of July and Staying Cool

We stayed home again this year for the 4th of July, but because we now live in a super HOT climate we opted for an indoor BBQ, but we still did fireworks at night with the kids. You might notice Carter is missing from the festivities, but he is having fun up in Wyoming with his Grandparents for a couple weeks.

4th of July kiddos
Sunday before the 4th of July
Ready for fireworks

My friend Jenilyn was in town and staying less than a mile away from me - so we had an epic day at the pool :)

Cooling down at our own pool when we are not hiding out in our AC at home.

Elise and her friend Kamry

Monroe fell asleep with the light on and I just HAD to take a quick picture. "She sleeps."
 Sunday cuties