Sunday, October 5, 2008

Move is Over! Yea!!!

Daniel, Elise and I are very happy the move is over! We feel so grateful to be out of apartment complex living and into a home environment with a driveway and a yard! I used to not think too much of these things, but I understand they are a necessity especially when having kids. Daniel and I are both working full time which makes life stressful at times, but we love our baby Elise, we are so blessed to have her. She is getting cuter everyday and is starting to make lots of sounds, we can't wait until she starts laughing soon. Until the next post....enjoy!

We love having a backyard! Kitchen

Elise's new room

Elise loves playing in the backyard
Just chillin at home
Snoozin away...

Very relaxed in the shade
She is very excited when she sees Grammy
Great Grandma Dewey and Baby Elise

Still loves her Moses Basket
Hanging out on Mommy and Daddy's Bed
Trying out her first seat


  1. Hooray! Your yard and house looks so nice! It must be so nice to move into a "house", I REALLY cannot wait to do the same! Hope you're getting some rest from moving, moving can be a woof, so I'm glad its done. Baby Elise is getting so dang cute (as if she couldn't get cuter!) love it, love the hair, love the shoes, love everything, keep the posts coming :)

  2. she is ADORABLE!!!! congrats on the new home!