Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elise rolled over for the first time on November 20th and has been a ball full of fun ever since. Daniel, Elise and I made the trek up to Wyoming to spend Thanksgiving with Daniel's family. It was very fun as most Thankgiving's are, Macy's Day parade, Football, eating yummy food until you fall asleep. We are all back at home here in Salt Lake and looking forward to decorating for Christmas. Happy Holidays. Until next week.
Love, The Magalogo Family

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Love Elise
Elise exhausted from the drive, but still passed out like she's the winner!

Baby's 1st Thanksgiving

Thanks for the pants Kirse, they are her favorite :)
Chillin with her rattle
Thanks for the bright/cute outfit Grammy!
Two weeks later and she's still in ANTM training!

A cropped Mommy and cute Elise
Now, I can't wait until my first Christmas, Idaho here I come!


  1. Hi, Mckenna I was stumbling onto some old friends blogs and i found yours. Your daughter is soo cute. she looks alot like you.