Sunday, December 28, 2008

Idaho Christmas Adventure

It started on Tuesday and finished today. The weather was okay driving up there, the one day there was no storm either in Salt Lake or Idaho Falls, whew! Idaho has way more snow than we do in Salt Lake. One difference however, no snow plows! Seriously there was snow everywhere in Idaho Falls. My mom kept saying over and over, I swear the Christmas lights are in front of the house, but you can't see them because they are buried under all the snow. The first night there was great. All my brothers and sisters, minus Kirse (I miss you) and spouses and kids were there. It was fun to eat yummy homebaked food and catch up. Everybody of course loved Elise and helped with her all the time, Grammy especially. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was more of the same, eating more and more food and playing card games. Daniel unfortunately had to leave Christmas morning to drive back to go to work, but Elise and I stayed behind until today. My two most memorable gifts were a framed "It's a Wonderful Life" movie poster signed by ZuZu. "Teacher says everytime a bell rings an angel gets his wings." This movie my family watches every Christmas Eve as a Granat Family tradition. The other was a front page newspaper article from when Martin Luther King led the Montgomery March back in 1965. Elise's favorite presents were a cool toy chest for her room and musical toys. Daniel's favorite toy for her was a basketball hoop. Go figure! As the snow kept coming more and more everyday, we stayed in mostly and watched some cheesy, but fun Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies, including home pedicures given by me of course (sorry Kirse). Now I am home and sad that Christmas is over, but feel very blessed for family in my life and to have Elise to share future Christmas traditions with.

Merry Christmas!
Elise and her new snowman friend chillin on the couchThe terrible weather driving back, we made it safely
Grammy & Elise

We convinced my brother Dalan to dress up as Santa for the kids, Elise is wondering if the beard is real.

Christmas Eve dinner table (16 people including kids)

Cousins McCall & Merritt holding Elise

Christmas tree at Grammy's house

Elise first thing Christmas morning, I love this picture because of the tree and the snow outside

Uncle Trevor holding Elise while she admires her first DollieHappy as usual Mommy feeding Elise some rice cereal


  1. She's eating rice cereal! What a big girl. Babies grow like weeds. And pretty much that picture of your mom and Elise is the best one ever! I love her hats :)

  2. Thanks for posting the pics - miss you too!

  3. So happy to see you have a blog! Elise is just beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas, hope 2009 is a happy new year! :)

  4. Elise is so cute! I cant believe how big she's getting!