Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

That song from Sister Act II has been in my head all week, I thought it was very fitting for my mood. Today my mom comes into town for a whole week! I'm very happy to have her spend some time with Elise. Daniel and I now realize we need to baby proof the house. After all she is figuring out this whole moving thing pretty quick.
This week was full of things breaking; our vacuum, our TV and my blow dryer. I kept wondering, is this suppose to mean something? I mean seriously all breaking in the same week? Anyways, we got the vacuumed fixed, brought our other TV from our room out in the family room and as for the blow dryer, I have yet to purchase a new one.
What else, oh yeah, our new favorite show Leverage (TNT, Tuesday nights) was enjoyable as usual. I love it because no matter what, they always win in the end. It's like Ocean's Eleven every episode. American Idol was also enjoyable this week, because for some reason this year, at every city we seem to recognize at least one person we know, it's pretty funny.
Have fun at your super bowl parties this year. That's all for now, have a great weekend.
The Magalogos

She likes to make silly faces now

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  1. It comes in threes. Breakage and death and accidents. So it's a good thing all your stuff was relatively easy to replace:) I am excited that your mom is coming and I hope you have a great time with her. Elise is so cute in her crawling video. What a STAR!