Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Early Valentine's Day!!!

We here in the Magalogo home are getting in the Valentine spirit, including Elise. Wearing lots of pink and red any chance we get. This Tuesday Elise turns 7 months old. Insane, yes we know and she will just continue to get bigger and bigger, but what can we say we love her so much. This week was fun with my mom being in town, fun to hit the shops and take Elise around in her most fabulous outfits. Also having some yummy food wasn't too bad either :) Enjoy the pics and I hope everybody has a great Valentine's Day next weekend. Elise in her early Valentine spirit Kisses for Mommy, and yes Elise you can be my ValentineAll you need is Love...
My Baby Legs....
Nobody takes my bottle, nobody
Portrait Pic
Playing on Aunt Lynell's beautiful blanket she madeFunny face!

Mommy and Elise Superbowl Sunday
I had to document this moment, my family watching the superbowl with their 3D glasses for some of the commercials. Isn't America funny? I mean I was really looking forward to this. Is that wrong?
Ready to shine at church


  1. She is getting so sassy! So cute. And you are looking too skinny these days! (hair flip)

  2. Happy Valentines Day!!! Elise looks fabulous!