Friday, February 27, 2009

"The Move is on...."

That's right it's official Daniel, Elise and I are moving to Wyoming! It's kind of a big change for our family, but we are excited! We will be moving from Salt Lake at the end of March and will be learning how to invent things to do in a smaller town. However, by doing this I know we will save a lot of money! As for this week Elise keeps falling down a lot, I'm learning about this whole crawling and standing up stage. No matter how much I keep my eyes on her she always loses her balance, falls, then cries. No Doctor or ER visits yet, far so good.
Elise chillin in the backyard on a nice day
She likes the sun just like her Mommy Kalena and Elise (Play Date)
Relaxing outsideShe took it upon herself to climb into her laundry basket
Not sure what she's thinking here, but it's bound to be something good

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  1. Mckenna! I didn't even realize you had a blog -I'm happy I found it. Hey, moving to Wyoming huh? Sounds fun. As does saving money - that's always a real good thing. Good luck with the moving - hopefully its not too stressful. And I hope you guys are doing well. Elise is a little doll. I love that picture where she is propped up on one arm, just chillin. Keep in touch!