Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 more weeks!

Our house has now been over taken by boxes! We're excited though for our new little adventure. Two weeks until we make the BIG move. This week Elise has been cute as always making tons of noises and having a new love for mangos and cheerios. That rhymed! Yikes, bikes! Anyways, until next week, enjoy some cute pics of our favorite little girl.

Lovely Elise I have to say probably my favorite outfit I've put together
Yummy, baby paper, thanks Grammy!
Elise lookin super cool in Poppa's shades
Playing in her crib
Standing on her own in her Paris skirt

Besides the pacifier marks I really like this pic even though the bow is massively large What? What?
This is a partial "funny face" that she makes ALL the time! Apparently she got a hold of a black pen (On Poppa's watch)


  1. Just wait until she finds your make-up!!!! Lots of fun in your future.

  2. SO CUTE!! i love the pictures, she's so grown!!