Saturday, March 21, 2009

One more week to get ready...

One more week until the BIG move, I still can hardly believe it! I keep talking about it, but it doesn't seem real. I mean we have been here almost 5 years, that's a long time. I will miss my friends and family, church music on the radio, and all my restaurants and stores. I won't miss, the smog, our car getting broken into (4 times and once stolen) the drivers, oh and the traffic for sure. One good thing is we won't be too far away so we can always come down for a special dinner at Olive Garden (my favorite) and to see friends and family. My friend Ian said when I picture Wyoming I picture the TV show "Northern Exposure." I responded, yeah it's pretty much like that. LOL! I still have a million things to do before next week. Daniel and I will only have a couple days off before we start our new jobs and our adventure in Wyoming. Keep you posted on everything, oh and if I get behind on my blog for a couple weeks, you will definitely know why. Love you! -The Magalogos

This was the first picture where it seemed like she was actually staring and smiling for the photo instead of me capturing a quick smile, make sense? She's soooooo cute! Playing in the backyard on a nice spring day
Not sure what she is thinking here
Anuhea, Kalena and Elise
Elise is very into her music, a future Dee Jay?
Love her
I like being outside!
I thought this was cute, Elise really likes Anuhea :)


  1. McKenna gryl! I just have to say that your baby has the rockinest wardrobe I've ever seen. She's totally your baby. Good luck on your move to Wyoming!

  2. cute pictures!! i love warm weather, makes for cute pictures outdoors:)

  3. EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! I have not been blogging for like a month and you move?!? I am still trying to get caught up on the older post, but it sounds like a good thing. I will try and get on more and I am sad that even more distance is going to be between us, but thank heaven for blogs....the anxiety is starting to pass. Good luck and I absolutely adore you!!! Plus you have a beautiful baby:)