Saturday, April 4, 2009

The new family on the block

Daniel, Elise and I have been in Lyman Wyoming for almost a week now. Definitely an adjustment, but things are going well. Everybody at my new job is really nice and for the first time in my life I get my own office. Very exciting! It has been snowing everyday since we got here, last night we got a whole foot! Hopefully spring will be here soon and we will have time to prepare for winter for next year. This town is very small, everybody knows everybody and people already know who we are without us even saying anything. I like to think this town is like "Stars Hollow" from Gilmore Girls. There is one of everything, one gas station, one grocery store etc etc. Elise has adjusted extremely well, even staying on her same schedule. She is a very social little girl and seems to smile on cue to anybody who says hi to her, needless to say I think she is winning over this small town. This week she keeps standing by herself without holding on to anything, we know very soon, she will be walking, and after that, all bets are off. I am going through Sonic drink withdrawls, but hoping to get one in Salt Lake soon. I will try and keep you posted with our new adventures here in the cowboy state of Wyoming. Until next time...

Elise is happy to be in Wyoming Moving day...



  1. i miss you. we went to the park yesterday, (bj, baby and I), and i saw two moms pushing their strollers in the park chatting and i missed you. :( love u.

  2. I am so glad thing are going well. Where are you and Daniel working? Are you close to his family? I am very curious and really hope everything goes smoothly. Have fun in your new home!!!