Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wanted to wish a Happy Mother's day to my mom, Daniel's mom and of course, myself this day. It's neat to be able to celebrate my first Mother's Day with Elise. Today is also Elise's 10 month Birthday on this day, the 10th of May. Pretty neat. It still amazes me every day how big she is. Enjoy some recent pics and have a great week everybody!

I love you Mommy!

I just LOVE this picture!Playing wih her bottle Took this picture outside of the house, scary storm was coming and I thought it was cool

Sleeping soooooooooo peacefully!
That's my girl
Misses her morning nap because of church then passes out as SOON as we get home
Elise learning how to play the ukulele, we think she will be very musical
A tired but cute girl in her Polynesian Wear


  1. Um, how cute is your little girl! She looks so friendly and soft Mo. Don't let her get too much bigger before I can meet her. ;)
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. We love the movies! Keep 'em coming! Hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day. My day was magical.
    Here's from Karina - I love when she waved. And she was trying to get the camera. Bye!