Saturday, May 2, 2009

May is here!

This week Elise has been working hard on FINALLY getting her first tooth through. We can feel it and we know it will be here soon. Elise's new things are waving hello and goodbye to people, playing with Poppa's ties and best of all, purses her lips and leans in for a kiss when you ask her too. It's sooooo sweet!

First time riding as a big girl in the grocery store cart, and loving it!

Elise playing with the guitar from the "guitar hero game"

A pretty, but tired little girl Grandpa and Elise matchy matchy green and stripes Just playing around

Elise is her "swim school" swimsuit with floatation devices built in.
Hi mommy!
Waving hello
I just like this one, tongue out and all

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  1. Look at how much bigger she is! She just gets prettier and prettier. I love when they're this age, right before they can walk and REALLY get into everything. Keep posting pictures!
    PS how do you feel about Parks and Rec? I still have mixed feelings. But 30 Rock will always be my favorite :)