Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Eve to Me!

This week seemed very long for some reason, but luckily our friends BJ, Anuhea and their little girl Kalena came up to visit this weekend. Elise is cute as always and is such a joy to be around. Here are some pics from this weekend. P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday, should be fun. Much Love, The Magalogos

Happy girl playingI'm gonna get you! BFF's Kalena & Elise discuss their afternoon plans Hi!
Look carefully at this picture, Elise FINALLY has 2 bottom teeth, we're so proud!What a big girl these days!Grandpa brought Elise back a Lei from his trip Waving as usual Elise touching Kalena's soft chubby cheeksIt's a little dark, but after 2 seconds of using her walker, she was a pro, look at her go...

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  1. Happy birthday tomorrow! Hopefully I will have a baby that will share your birthday!! :) I hope you enjoy your day! Elise is so cute!