Saturday, June 6, 2009

Elise in June

This week Elise has been very busy. She now gives high fives, spins in a circle while sitting down and took 13 steps before falling down. The only sad thing is that Elise got her first black eye this week. She looks like a football player. (Note to self don't throw a full baby bottle for someone to catch while holding a baby) As for Daniel and I nothing too exciting going on just work work work and enjoying the start of summer weather.

Elise in her eyelet dress ready for church
In this picture she looks like such a big girlHelloMommy & Elise, I know I do this shot a lot, what can you do?This is her growling monster faceShe likes to torment Poppa by pulling his hair, awesome!I'm gonna be a super model...Look how much hair she has now! Yea!Same shot, different day, but I love Elise's look in this one So cute
She likes her hoodies

A few short videos from this weekend

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  1. I love her little white dress :) The girlfriend's got sass! I love her!