Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pioneer Weekend!

This weekend was a quick trip to Utah, but it was fun to spend time with family. Elise also performed a Polynesian dance in her first Talent Show. Enjoy the pics!!! Until next week.

Karina at the pool in Utah Just two gals hanging out
Poppa and Elise swimming
Being attacked by Sullivan
Howdy! Yee haw!
Mommy and Elise ready for the Stake Talent Show
Playing with grass

Cousin Sullivan gives Elise a quick squeeze!
Cousins Karina and Elise say cheese!
Elise staring into Uncle Tim's Eyes
Wearing flowers just like mommy!
End of dance performanceReady to dance dance dance! Elise and Grandpa before their performance
Going for ride with candy necklace on and all


Mommy & Elise on the swings

A little drunk on soda! (Nah, it was empty)
Elise and Poppa in the pool
Going for a walk around the pool
Trying to escape!
And again!

Elise dancing in a circle then falling down
Elise dancing, bending her knees and spinning

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  1. I LOVE the pictures of her kickin it on the couch with her Sprite can. Classic! It looks like you guys had a fun weekend, that's nice you still get down to Utah all the time! Keeps you from being "too" country ;)