Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby coming February 2010!

That's right the Magalogo Family are expecting baby #2! We are very excited! I'm 3 months along and due February 26, 2010. Elise is also very excited. I ask her where the baby is and she points to my belly, so sweet! We know she will be the best big sister ever! I want another girl and Daniel wants a boy. We should find out what we are having the first week in October. Keep everybody posted. Love, The Magalogo Family

Elise is very stoked and is wearing her new big sister t-shirt to prove it!
Hey I'm the NEW big sister!
Okay on to this past week's adventures. Elise helped me put on a Luau for about 90 people, she was so cute in her grass skirt and Island attire trying to hula along with everybody else. Her new thing is opening her mouth like she is in shock (reminds me of McCauley Culkin in Home Alone), it's pretty funny. She also has a new fascination for shoes, putting them on, taking them off and trying to walk in adult size shoes. Super fun! Hope everybody has a great week! Love ya!

I LOVE this picture! Classic!

So what, can't I just lounge in my Hawaiian Car seat waiting to go to the pool?Swinging at the park Do you have a secret?The classic face and wave you give to someone at a party you don't wanna talk to, "Hey"
Portrait shot at the park
Having a blast on the swings

Poppa making Elise laugh!

More laughs...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Watch Out World...

This week I finally found a box in our storage unit that I had been searching for since we moved to Wyoming. It was a box of Elise's clothes size 18-24 months. Needless to say when I packed up her things when she was 8 months old I didn't think she would be wearing that size anytime soon. Boy was I wrong, anyway Elise has a whole new wardrobe! Woo Hoo!

Elise rocking her Leopard dress!
Going to church in what I like to call her "Marilyn Monroe Dress" (Minus the sweater)
A Hawaiian hoodie on a rainy day
Mommy and Elise walking to churchHello everybody! My daughter, she's a natural
Not quite sure the story behind this outfit, a little camoflouge and cowboy boots, can't go wrong, LOL!

Such a happy little girl, love you!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Off The Charts!

Elise had her one year check up this week and the Pediatrician said her weight was "off the charts" a new term to the Magalogo Family. Elise was only 6 lbs 5 oz. when she was born and now she has caught up and surpassed others her age weighing in now at....drum roll please, 27 pounds! Elise's dance performance last week made the local newspaper. We couldn't be more proud of our little local super star! I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures this week, here are just a few for your enjoyment.

I think this pictures is just plain silly
Ready to go to church
Mommy and Elise, wearing pearls :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pioneer Weekend!

This weekend was a quick trip to Utah, but it was fun to spend time with family. Elise also performed a Polynesian dance in her first Talent Show. Enjoy the pics!!! Until next week.

Karina at the pool in Utah Just two gals hanging out
Poppa and Elise swimming
Being attacked by Sullivan
Howdy! Yee haw!
Mommy and Elise ready for the Stake Talent Show
Playing with grass

Cousin Sullivan gives Elise a quick squeeze!
Cousins Karina and Elise say cheese!
Elise staring into Uncle Tim's Eyes
Wearing flowers just like mommy!
End of dance performanceReady to dance dance dance! Elise and Grandpa before their performance
Going for ride with candy necklace on and all


Mommy & Elise on the swings

A little drunk on soda! (Nah, it was empty)
Elise and Poppa in the pool
Going for a walk around the pool
Trying to escape!
And again!

Elise dancing in a circle then falling down
Elise dancing, bending her knees and spinning