Sunday, August 9, 2009

Watch Out World...

This week I finally found a box in our storage unit that I had been searching for since we moved to Wyoming. It was a box of Elise's clothes size 18-24 months. Needless to say when I packed up her things when she was 8 months old I didn't think she would be wearing that size anytime soon. Boy was I wrong, anyway Elise has a whole new wardrobe! Woo Hoo!

Elise rocking her Leopard dress!
Going to church in what I like to call her "Marilyn Monroe Dress" (Minus the sweater)
A Hawaiian hoodie on a rainy day
Mommy and Elise walking to churchHello everybody! My daughter, she's a natural
Not quite sure the story behind this outfit, a little camoflouge and cowboy boots, can't go wrong, LOL!

Such a happy little girl, love you!


  1. She is growing up too fast! I can't believe she's all over the place now. And she is pretty much the best dressed girlfriend out there! I gave up on dressing my kids in cute outfits a lonnng time ago! She is a doll, keep posting for us Elise fans :)

  2. LOVE the "Marilyn Monroe" dress...and the little cowgirl boots!!! She's growing up soooo fast!!!

  3. ok...she is so adorable in her cowgirl boots. What a cutie pie!! Can't believe how big she is!