Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

Let's hear it for the boys! Daniel is sooooo excited and I'm happy that we will have one of each. Baby looks healthy and is moving like crazy! Due date is still February 26, 2010. Life has been good, and it has been nice getting settled here in our new home, with jobs, schedules and football. Daniel's team won again today and continues to be undefeated. Go Eagles!
We went down to St. George last weekend to see family. It was for my Grandma Dewey's funeral. It was nice to see family even under the circumstances, including cousins I haven't seen since I was little. It was neat to hear stories and learn about all the great things my Grandma accomplished throughout her lifetime. Until next week....

Fall is here!A stroller ride with Elise Lookin pretty for church
Her pouty face, what? no more donuts mommy?The classic messy food shot, chocolate is yummy! I promise we don't just feed her donuts and chocolate as indicated in this post, lol!
Just chillin at home, she loves running around, in every room!Hi sweetie!I'm a big girl now...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Season Has Begun

This past week in a half Elise has been sick, running nose, cough the whole works. Then yesterday Daniel realized that Elise has FIVE new teeth that came in JUST this week!!!! They are on every side of her mouth, top, bottom, side and molars, what a big girl! We now think she is a champ for continuing to smile and play even though she was miserable. Daniel got another job as an Assistant Football Coach for the Middle School Team. This week his team won 28-0. Pretty nice for their first game. Keep you posted!

Our champ, talking on her cell phone
Posing in her pimped out ride
Heading off to church in our new wardPretty Girl
Loves to play in our closet with Poppa's ties Wondering, where are you taking me?
I like to call this shot, Liza Minelli
A wave from the bath tub
She loves TV, my daughter!

Monday, September 7, 2009

We're all settled in...

After a crazy week, things have finally settled down a bit and we are now unpacked in our new home. Elise loves it, she runs around everywhere! More room, to make a bigger mess. We will also be finding out what we are having on September 29th. Keep everyone posted! Enjoy some pics of the house. Love, The Magalogos

The new house!
Sunflowers in front of the houseThe backyard needs some TLC, a next summer project
Elise's roomFamily room, finally we live in a space that can fit our over sized furniture Dining room
Auntie Elizabeth and Elise chillin out together on moving day

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New House!

Daniel and I have found a house here in Lyman and we are moving in this weekend! Keep you posted and we will take lots of new pics when we get settled. Love you all! -The Magalogos

Another Luau this week for Elise! Mommy & Elise
Elise and Auntie EmerlyAnother one of us Found the ukulele again
Now she's trying to play it