Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Season Has Begun

This past week in a half Elise has been sick, running nose, cough the whole works. Then yesterday Daniel realized that Elise has FIVE new teeth that came in JUST this week!!!! They are on every side of her mouth, top, bottom, side and molars, what a big girl! We now think she is a champ for continuing to smile and play even though she was miserable. Daniel got another job as an Assistant Football Coach for the Middle School Team. This week his team won 28-0. Pretty nice for their first game. Keep you posted!

Our champ, talking on her cell phone
Posing in her pimped out ride
Heading off to church in our new wardPretty Girl
Loves to play in our closet with Poppa's ties Wondering, where are you taking me?
I like to call this shot, Liza Minelli
A wave from the bath tub
She loves TV, my daughter!

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