Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Fever

We here in the Magalogo home are definitely getting into the Halloween Spirit. We decorated our house, and put pumpkins that light up in our windows and continue to dress up Elise. You'll see when you scroll down to recent pictures. This week Elise has started talking like CRAZY!!! She now says, yes, no, ball, ba-ba (bottle), bath, all done, ruff-ruff, cookie, hungry, Elmo, Deen, Auntie, Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy, Poppa and the best one of all Mama! Some she will repeat after we say it first, others she will say all on her own. Elise also experienced her first parade, a local one for the high school homecoming, she had a blast and got lots of candy!

Elise lookin cute in her Halloween sweater
A little decoration at the housePosing by some decorations Halloween costume: Cow Girl, Option #1
Halloween Costume: A Flapper, Option #2
Probably my favorite picture ever of us! Elise and I both surprised at the parade :)I thought this picture was classic of Wyoming, they are standing on hay stacks for their floatA full shot of the outfit including her cowboy bootsElise and Mommy enjoying the ParadeHappy Halloween!
What time is my performance?More parade fun! This video is trying to get Elise to shake her finger from side to side and say no, no, takes her about 22 seconds to decide whether or not she wants to do it. Watch at closely at 22 seconds and you won't miss it, so cute :)
This is me trying to have her do it one more time, instead it's just a cute short video of Elise.


  1. Oh em gee, I am dying at that flapper outfit! Where did you get that??! I have to know NOW, because that is the cutest costume I've seen! And I'm dying also at her movies, that girl is your daughter for sure! She is hilarious

  2. I know I said the cowgirl outfit was a good idea but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the flapper's the best!!!