Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu Drama

Daniel, Elise and I have all come down with the swine flu. I used to think that the swine flu sounded like something you hear about on the news, and not something that could actually happen to me or my family. On Monday I went to work for about 30 minutes then went home and felt deathly ill. Elise had the same symptoms and Daniel's came the next day. It was like having any kind of ache, symptom, cold, sickness, but all at the same time. Each day none of us felt any better and I decided to go to my doctor to make sure that me and baby boy was okay. That's when I learned it was swine flu and that I was considered high risk. He told me to stay away from people for at least 7 days, wear a mask if I had to go in public and that pregnant women take 2-3 weeks longer than the normal person to get better. I felt like some sort of creature with a disease when people looked at me wearing the mask. So here I am a week later and I am not better. Elise is feeling better, she's been the biggest trooper out of all of us, plus having a double ear infection. There are no pictures to post this week for obvious reasons. My only suggestion is when the H1N1 vaccine is available in your area, GET IT! My doctor said the swine flu just broke out too fast and there were not enough vaccines made. Until next post...


  1. McKennna I'm so sorry! thats scary I hope things get better soon, keep us posted!

  2. Oh MO! My heart goes out to you! I hope you feel better really soon! I love you! Louise! Louise! Your morning paper...freshly squeezed orange juice...I took the liberty of ironing your homework!

  3. get better soon....That is terrible. I got the flu about three weeks before I had Lily, but the swine flu!! yikes..hang in there..