Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!!

Today I got off of work at noon and have the rest of the week to enjoy the holiday fun. Looking forward to eating yummy food and spending time with family here in Wyoming. This past week Elise has started her temper tantrums. This morning I said, "Elise come here so we can put on your shoes," She shouted NO and slammed, the door...oh no it's starting already, lol!
Last Friday Daniel took me to see "New Moon" which was highly enjoyable, not so much the standing in the cold waiting to buy tickets, but the intense stares are always fun. As soon as we got home I wanted to watch "Roswell", my favorite TV show from 1999-2002, Liz and Max remind me of Bella and Edward a lot, instead of an vampire, he's an alien. Good times!
I also broke down and bought myself a new camera, it is the exact same one that Bella got for her birthday in New Moon.
We hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving this year, we feel very grateful for our new life here in Wyoming and our new little boy who will be here right before we know it! Don't forget everybody, eat lots of yummy food. Much Love, The Magalogos

I wanted to document, the sign of New Moon while waiting in line outside
Elise and Grandpa hanging out with local DonkeysElise cheering for Uncle Tui after he scores at his basketball game (notice her little pig tails)Elise and Uncle David Elise seeing her favorite animal "Buffalo"Elise and Uncle David again

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