Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holidays are coming....

My camera has decided to stop working and right before the holidays :( I am now going through withdrawls. Our video camera is working, so here are a couple recent videos.
As for us, we are slowly getting back to our old selves before the swine flu. What else? My belly has officially "popped" as they call it. I have lots of cute summer maternity clothes, but now that I am pregnant in the bitter cold of winter, fashion seems to be another story.
Elise is still talking up a storm and becoming very helpful around the house. It so neat, she actually understands what I'm saying. I'll say, "Elise go get a book from your room and bring it to Mommy," and about two seconds later she comes flying out of her room with a book. She can also get shoes, a diaper, pacifier, bottle, it's a fun game. I know she will be super helpful when her brother comes. We are getting excited for the holidays....already listening to Christmas music at our house. Until next time...

Elise Dancing

Mommy trying to get Elise to talk

A short video, but I love her dress :)

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  1. SO CUTE!!! I love the one of her dancing! Can't wait to see you Saturday!