Friday, January 8, 2010

It's 2010!

I like to call it 20-10, I think it sounds better. I can't believe it is 2010, gee how times flies. I remember in high school thinking about my ten year reunion and how it would be in 2010, and now I realize that is this year. Weird! This week we were able to get the nursery set up for baby boy, and set up a cute table and chair set for Elise so she can feel like a big girl. Speaking of big girls Elise turns 18 months this Sunday. I had stopped posting monthly birthdays after the one year mark, but I feel 18 months is another milestone. I now have 7 weeks until I am due, or sooner if doctor will induce me :) So don't worry, I am sure to keep you posted. Until next week, The Magalogo Family

This is my favorite shot of the nursery. I love my flip flop blanket made by my Aunt Lynell The semi organized closet for Elise and baby boy to share I still need to put the skirt and mobile on, but you get the idea


  1. Super cute! Love the jungle theme.

  2. its so much fun getting ready for baby. enjoy!

  3. I love the crib and the monkey...boys are sooo fun!!!!