Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Spirit is Here!

Elise is continuing to talk like crazy and is saying new words everyday. A lot of her words are becoming so clear. I love the way she says ba-na-naaa, it's super cute :) I have been getting her in the Valentine's Day spirit by of course dressing her up any chance I get. Here are a few pics from the last few days. Enjoy :)

I love how even though she is totally messy she can still pose like America's Next Top Model. As Tyra says she is smiling with her eyes.
What you talking about Willis? Notice the finger prints on her forehead. She decided to play peek-a-boo during her meal.An artistic shot of Elise looking outside her window at cows and buffaloNotice the cute Valentine's Day tights What a beautiful dress :)Cheeeese! This picture has the spotlight effect, quite enjoyable :)Elise is excited to go to Nursery! Elise coloring at her table
I came across this video the other day and thought it would be fun to re-post it. This is Daniel singing John Legend's song "Ordinary People." Enjoy :)

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  1. Elise is so cute and funny. We are getting so excited for the new baby. He will be here so soon. Hey Daniel I love that song and you sound better than John Legend really!