Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Days of Carter

This week has been much of the same, lots of late nights, diaper changes and feedings. Carter is slowly figuring out his days from nights. Elise is having a blast helping with her baby brother and is talking like crazy. She can pretty much repeat any word you ask her to say. It's super neat. Carter will have his 4 week check up on Tuesday, we will post a full report. Until then enjoy some pictures from this week. Carter sleeping while deep in thoughtMy favorite awake picture of him so farSnoozin in his favorite outfit Look closely we think he might have light colored eyesI love the brown and blue colors here Elise playing Look at those lips Cute EliseNice red shoes!Elise helping Poppa blow out his birthday candlesElise playing with Poppa's birthday balloonsElise posing with her neck pillow for future long trips in the car


  1. There is no denying that he is Daniel's son! He looks so much like him! McKenna, you've got some pretty darn cute kids! I hope you are enjoying it all--it's hard work, but so worth it :)

  2. Cute babies. Can't wait to see them soon! (oh yeah, you guys too)! LOL

  3. what a lucky mom you are to have two kids and to have CUTE kids! I loved these pictures! carter is so sweet! I hope your recovery is going well!