Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 Months Old Today!

Happy 3 month birthday Carter! Time is flying. Carter is now eating 5 ounces per feeding, fitting into 3-6 month size clothes, obessed with eating his hands, ticklish right below his ribs, and smiling like crazy! This week Elise found a permanent black marker, and decided to paint her face and arms before anybody noticed, we have been enjoying the marks all week :) Carter happily eating his hands Isn't she cute?Siblings relaxing in Carter's crib before bedtimeHey ladies...There is satisfaction in mowing your lawn and picking weeds for the first time since SeptemberElise came outside to help Mommy with the yard. She has never really played outside before (due to the fun weather here) and she didn't know what to do with herself, so as you can see she decided to sit down in the driveway.Elise on a fun stroller ride out with MommyA smiley boy!Is it just me, or is Elise looking older everyday? I mean she's not even two!


  1. Elise is looking older! We were saying the same thing about our Luke!! Carter is so cute!! I love the picture of your is so adorable! enjoy the weather!

  2. So adorable...and she does look older. It's crazy how they can do that so's like they are not babies anymore....they are like little people.

  3. Addi has the same white and floral sun dress, now we have to get these two together to match!