Sunday, May 2, 2010

May is here!

May is here and so is the snow. We are hoping around June things will start to finally warm up here in Wyoming. This week Carter laughed for the first time and Elise has started saying, "Oh snap!" It's super cute. As for Daniel and I we had our first night out since Carter was born. We went to see the local high school musical, "Hello Dolly" while Grandma babysat. We are getting pumped for Daniel's sister Elizabeth's wedding next weekend, should be a blast! Also I just found out that there is a new editing program for blogs, trying to get used to it, but I love finally having spell check, ha ha!
A smiley boy!
Hi Leopard Girl
Both Kids Pretty Girl
Hi Carter
So sweet!
Congrats Toli and Elizabeth
Tummy Time!
Just Relaxing

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