Thursday, May 27, 2010

Off to Idaho

The Magalogo Family is off to Idaho for Memorial Weekend to spend time with family and see my parents new house! Updates for this week, Elise got a new tooth, Carter is also trying to hold his own bottle and moves his arms and legs around a lot. Here are some pictures from this week. Notice from day to day the kids are wearing winter wear then summer wear. It's pretty funny!

Carter working his Nike sporty look

Elise looking chic at Poppa's football gameThis is the face she gave me after I said, "Elise do you want some cake?"Preppy boyAsleep during the football gameMommy & Elise hanging out in the car during the football gameAs Grammy would say, "Yummers!"Carter ready for the cold weather outsideHappy almost summer!My princess in her tutuElise loves her brother Carter

Elise cheers for Poppa

Elise loves Carter

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  1. Love the videos. Can't wait for the real thing.