Friday, June 25, 2010

Summertime in LY-M-AN...

So don't quote me on this, but I think summer is FINALLY here. It's for real this time. I have busted out the kiddie pool and been sitting outside any chance I get. Perhaps it was my days in Hawaii that whenever the sun is out I close my eyes and smile, I just love the way the sun feels. I believe a sunny day can always cheer someone up. Not much new here in the Magalogo family...just looking forward to having a few days off for the 4th and planning Elise's Dora themed birthday party. Good times! One thing I did this week was I was feeling crafty and made a wall hanging with ribbon on it so I could organize and access Elise's bow collection better. All in all I thought it turned out pretty cute. Until next week...

Fun in the pool
Checking out the water
A small portion of Elise's bow collectionMy little manMommy & Carter
Alseep in his car seat

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4 Months Old

Carter is now 4 months old and passed his check-up at the doctors this week. He now weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces and is 24 inches long. He is certainly growing. The only sad thing is that for the past 3 weeks he has decided he no longer wants to take a pacifier. I have tried different shapes and sizes and there is NO WAY he will take it. I know people say, "Pacifiers are bad, blah blah blah." Well I really like them and relied on them often with Elise, especially in public places. We have been trying lots of different tactics to get him to calm down or fall asleep, so far the best remedy....eating! This week Carter has started to grab his feet and Elise is still talking like crazy. Her new things to say are, "I need juice, or I need blanket." Daniel and I have been trying to keep our lawn looking nice even though the weather has been pretty yucky. Daniel also went fishing this week and came home with 3 large rainbow trout. Can I just say how much I love fish, especially when it's fresh and free :) As for me, I am enjoying my summer shows, "So You Think You Can Dance," and "Drop Dead Diva." Baby steps until Eclipse, June 30th. Have a great weekend everybody! Elise posing with a cute kitty Pretty Boy posing in Zutano Giving an interesting look during his photo shoot with Mommy

Looking at Mommy

Elise being cuteMaking homemade Krispy Kreme donuts with EliseSuch a good helper with GrandmaCarter being cuteHelloCarter Kicking Away...

Elise Playing the Piano in her rockstar pants

Friday, June 11, 2010

REAL Salt Lake

This week Daniel and I were able to go to a REAL Salt Lake Game. We played against LA Galaxy (No David Beckham though). It was super fun to see all the fans. I had no idea there were so many soccer fans in Salt Lake. I think there were over 5,000 people there. Even though we had to park 2 miles away, and the game was delayed due to lightning, it was very fun and we won the game in the 80th minute! The player got so excited when he scored that he took off his shirt and ran around the field. After the game we watched American Idol winner, David Cook give a concert at the stadium. He did really well and was a lot cuter than I remembered from his days on Idol....all in all it was a great night!

A picture of the stadium when we arrived
My friend Cressie & I at the gameThe players warming upDaniel & I enjoying our great seatsA cool picture I took as the sun was setting and the storm was trying to passEverybody celebrating after we scored the winning goal, notice the player with his shirt off on the fieldCute Carter having some tummy timeI LOVE how he is looking right at the camera here

David Cook's concert, it's really hard to see him, look closely he is right between the two bright pink lights

David Cook on the big screen, hard to see him with the bright pink lights on, but you get the idea

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is FINALLY here!

Today was the first warm day since September and we are so grateful summer has finally decided to come. This week, Carter rolled over the first time and Elise has begun singing a lot lately. Even if she doesn't know the words, she still tries to imitate the singing part. It's super cute :)
Carter representing the Lyman EaglesElise saying, "Ta Da" I'm ready for church now Mommy Carter looking super cute in Zutano
Carter posing with his Hawaiian Doggie
Elise singing, "I am a child of God

Elise, polynesian dancing, well sort of.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Idaho Fun!

The Magalogo Family headed up this past weekend to Idaho for our big adventure. Besides a few sniffles from the kids we had a BLAST! Elise and Carter had their first trip to the zoo, Elise loved the lions and monkeys. I was able to do some much needed shopping and finally made it to my favorite restaurant Olive Garden. Loved it! I love how you look forward to going to a restaurant and everything is just as good as you remember, the food, the service etc etc. The best highlight was probably Grammy and Skipper's new house. We had a whole floor to ourselves, I called it our "suite" and their hot tub was also super fun! Elise loved the bubbles. Until next week, enjoy these pictures (which I didn't get time to edit prior to posting, sorry).

Elise and her cute girl cousins at the Zoo
Turtle, turtle, turtleElise was so excited with EVERYTHING she sawLionsand TigersElise, Tate, Addison and Merritt on their Asian AdventureZebrasYak, yak, yakElise petting some animalsLooking around the zoo on Poppa's shouldersMy nephew Boston just chillin at the zooGrammy and Carter at the dinerCousins Alexis and Carter (5 months apart)Elise playing outside on Grammy and Skipper's deckAddison posingTate, McCall and Happy Elise!Cousins: McCall, Carter and TateAddison and Elise playing outsideCarter posing in his swing The girls being sillyI love this boys lips, have I mentioned this before?