Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday Party

Last week was Elise's 2nd birthday. With a Dora themed party she was sooooooooooo happy, mostly because she was hyped up on sugar ALL day long. She got her own oven to cook with and fake food with pots and pans to practice with. She also loved her Dora doll and Dora cell phone she got. It definitely doesn't take kids long to associate their birthday with cake and presents! All day long she kept saying, "It's my birthday, I want to open presents!" My favorite thing about her birthday was when Daniel said, "When did she become a real person?" I thought this was so true, they are babies then all of the sudden you can carry on a conversation with them.
This week Carter turned 5 months old and he is starting to get so big so fast! He can roll over pretty good now and can almost sit up. We finally moved him in his own crib to share his with room with Elise. So far so good, when I hear him cry I rush in like superwoman so he won't wake up Elise. A few more weeks and I'm sure they will get used to each other. I am so excited for my trip to Oregon next week for my high school reunion. I just hope Carter's behaves on the airplane. Fingers crossed!

Birthday Girl!Elise's Dora Princess cakeElise posing in her birthday crown and birthday attire"It's time for cake!" Elise yells.Auntie showing Elise her new ovenElise's favorite item in her fake food basket.....icecream!Have I ever mentioned how much I love this boy's Angelina Jolie lips? He gets so many kisses! Happy boy!


  1. i love her birthday outfit! i can't believe how big these babies are getting, ours turn 2 next month too. she's a cutie mckenna!