Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Total Eclipse of the Heart..."

This week I saw the highly anticipated third movie in the Twilight saga, Eclipse. It was everything a viewer would want. Action, romance, cheesy lines and funny lines too. I wasn't planning on seeing the first midnight showing, but I guess the 17 year old in me couldn't stand others seeing it before me. All in all, as much as I try and pretend I am not a fan, I most definitely am. Maybe it was all those late nights in my room when I couldn't sleep because of being too pregnant or baby not sleeping that I would watch New Moon over and over again. I can't believe the next one doesn't come out until 11/18/11, that's almost a year in a half away! However, I'm sure all the fans will patiently wait.
This week Carter went swimming for the first time, he lasted about 15 minutes, cried and then fell asleep. Elise is learning new songs everyday. She loves itsy bitsy spider, ring around the rosey, and popcorn popping. Have a great fourth of July weekend everybody...we are off to Idaho again! I said vote for Independency!
Edward and Bella
One of my favorite scenes, "What Happened? (Charlie) I kissed Bella and she broke her hand, punching my face." (Jacob)I love dressing him up in real clothes
Just chillin outside of the pool
Poppa and Elise Not super happy, but of course I needed to document his first swim
So cuteFirst stroller ride with Carter sitting in the frontPlayingIt's Bumbo time!Kind of a cool shot of Elise


  1. Carter is so cute! I can't believe he is so big already! I am going to see Eclipse today! so excited! I know I feel kind of dorky being so excited for the movies but I am a total Twilight fan too!

  2. Jealous you've seen it. It's not even out yet over here.