Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ending Days of Summer

This week the kids have been busy playing in their kiddie pool, the park and with their toys. Carter is starting to crawl faster and faster everyday. He is still obessed with putting everything in his mouth and has recently discovered his tongue. He loves all toys especially the ones with music. He will have his 6 month check-up on Monday.
As for his sister, this week the pacifier fairy came to our house and took away all her pacifiers. Elise was so into the story it was cute. "Because I'm a big now, she took them away." I also took Elise to a new park. This was her statement upon seeing the secluded park. "Look Mommy, there's a park in the forest!" It was pretty funny.
Daniel has started working with the High School Football team as a coach. School starts soon, so he is getting them ready for the season. Go Eagles! He will be super busy juggling the kids, school and football, but I know he is excited :)
My only story this week is getting a flat tire. We got car the towed to a local shop and found out because we live in such a small town the tire had to be special ordered. Four days later, we finally got a new tire. It wasn't too bad walking to work especially since the weather has been so nice and not so hot. Our plans for this weekend, staying home and kicking back, it should be nice. Check out the pics below.

I just love the colors here especially with the stormy clouds behind
Pretty Elise pointing at the cameraElise in front of the park in the forest
She's a pro on the slidesExtreme close-up! But hey at least we're both looking at the camera Photo shootA little video of us at the park

Carter sporting his polynesian vest
Poppa gave Carter an Oreo3 minutes later... Elise in her pink tutu swimsuit
Another day of fun in the pool
For employee appreciation day each office (there are 15 total throughout the state) were asked to dress up in Hawaiian attire and send in their picture. Guess which office won? Ha ha!


  1. Wow, what a park! We are always trying out new parks around town, some parks are really not kid friendly but that park looks great!

  2. summer went by so fast. It looks like you has a good one.