Monday, September 20, 2010


So I am feeling slightly better today and less loopy from the pain meds. Last week Wednesday I had a terrible stomach ache. I thought it was something I ate. When I got home after work I thought I had a stomach flu. Then all the sudden my pain went to the lower right hand side of my stomach. After tossing and turning most of the night I went ahead and pushed myself to go to work Thursday morning, but the pain kept increasing! I looked up appenticitis symptoms online and I had everything on the list. I decided to go to my doctor (30 minute drive), and he thought I had appendicitis as well. After all day of blood work, ultrasounds, and a CT-SCAN at the hostpital, the doctors finally figured out that it was indeed my appendix. I then got admited to the ER and got an emergency appendectomy. Now I am home recuperating; the only sad thing is I can't pick anything up ie, my kids. My mom came out from Idaho to help. Thanks to everyone for all the get well wishes. The only thing I can say is the next time you have a tummy ache, DONT IGNORE IT!

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  1. scary! i'm glad you got it figured out and taken out :) hope your recovery goes by fast.