Saturday, September 25, 2010


Milestones to Flinstones! I have a point I promise. First of all Carter is now moving forward way faster than his sister did. Carter's new nickname: Bam Bam from the Flintstones. This is because of his enormous strength. He can now stand up on his own and walk around furniture. This week he stood up twice by himself without holding onto anything. I am told that Daniel started walking at 8 months old, it seems that our son might follow in his Poppa's footsteps. Time will tell. Lastly Carter finally got his first tooth.
As for Elise she got a haircut and was very helpful this week while Mommy was recovering from surgery. She kept saying, "does your tummy still hurt? Did the doctor fix your owies?" It was cute. She also seems to have a lot more energy, lately she just runs around the house dancing and twirling, yet she never seems to get tired. I guess that is the life of a toddler.
Daniel's Lyman Eagles Football Team is on a winning streak, winning their last 3 games!
As for me, I am still recovering from surgery, loving the world of Lortab and am most excited for Elise's new shoes I ordered for this winter. Check out the pics below.
Carter looking like an accountant for church Elise also looking cute for churchCarter & Aunt Whitney (Lauren and my Aunt Linda in the background)Elise looking cute outsideElise's new shoes. Wee Squeaks ie shoes for kids with wide feet, love them!I love this girl!Carter standing!

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