Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treating had a few hiccups this year. On the way home to get ready for the ward Halloween party I got into a car accident with the kids. We struck and killed an antelope going about 60 mph. I swear it was a suicide mission for the antelope that hit us. I had a major freak-out, but kids are okay and I'm doing better. One plus, we did get a sweet rental car, a 2010 Ford Explorer :) We tried to go trick or treating again last night, but the weather was terrible. So yes the kids did dress up and yes they did get candy, but the trick or treating experience was not the best this year. Oh well, these cute kiddos have many years to come!

The family with ears! Costumes: A Cat, a Tiger & Minnie Mouse...this shot was REALLY hard to get!
Our pretty Minnie Mouse
Smiling Minnie
Ummm, where's the candy?
Mommy & Carter

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Time at the Park

Today the kids and I went on our last adventure to the "park in forest." According to weather reports, it is suppose to snow this week. Hopefully there will be no snow on Halloween. Fingers crossed! I am getting so excited, should be fun!

Elise showing off her Halloween Tutu
Elise deep in thought at the parkLots of leaves!Posing
And more posingSorry no pics of Carter in this post, he was asleep in his car seat during our park adventure.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recent Videos

Carter practicing his walking skills

Elise dancing at the Rendezvous Festival

Carter loving the swings

Trying to get Carter to talk

Elise talking about her boyfriend "Diego"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Spirit!

The kids are getting ready for Halloween. This year Elise will be Minnie Mouse (who she loves) and Carter will be a Tiger. We have been practicing with Elise on what she needs to say in order to get candy...."Trick or Treat" and "Thank-you."
This week Carter said Poppa for the first time. He is also starting to make bigger messes than Elise. He can stand and pull out toys, blocks, crayons, basically anything he can get his hands on.
Elise is now obsessed with Disney Princess movies, her favorites include Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast.
Daniel's High School Football Team is now ranked third in the state and is heading off to playoffs soon.
Nothing new with me except I discovered the TV show Vampire Diaries (rented it on Netflix). It's kind of Roswell, meets Moonlight & Twilight. I think it can fill the void of no Twilight movies coming out until November, 2011.

A pumpkin decoration in one of my bay windowsCarter trying on his Tiger costume
Elise in her Halloween attirePretty much the cutest kid, everKids are starting to play together, it's cute :)Coach Magalogo down on the sidelines with some of the players from the team

Friday, October 1, 2010

Road Trip to Nevada

This past weekend we headed up to Nevada to visit Daniel's Dad who has been working there. Elko to be exact. It was quite a drive with 2 small children, but both did suprisingly well. We were able to play at the park, visit some old friends we knew in Salt Lake and most of all check out the Casinos. Here is cute Elise looking way older than 2 Carter LOVED the swings!I quickly stopped Elise from playing in the grass after I read this sign at a rest area.Carter being a champ in the car and already showing his Halloween spirit
I snagged this pic while driving by. The reflection of the mountain in the great salt lake. Elise riding the "Dinosaur Train" as she called it
Enjoying her horsey rideMommy & Carter at the parkThen the fun begins...ha haSeemed like a movieThere was a huge framed picture of Daniel's Dad in the casino. He won $1125 at the slot machines 2 weeks before.Elise being cutePlaying, Mom she reminds me of an old picture of you here A standing foolMommy time
We were also able to stop by in SLC and meet our new niece Esmé Maren, she's sooo cute!