Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Spirit!

The kids are getting ready for Halloween. This year Elise will be Minnie Mouse (who she loves) and Carter will be a Tiger. We have been practicing with Elise on what she needs to say in order to get candy...."Trick or Treat" and "Thank-you."
This week Carter said Poppa for the first time. He is also starting to make bigger messes than Elise. He can stand and pull out toys, blocks, crayons, basically anything he can get his hands on.
Elise is now obsessed with Disney Princess movies, her favorites include Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast.
Daniel's High School Football Team is now ranked third in the state and is heading off to playoffs soon.
Nothing new with me except I discovered the TV show Vampire Diaries (rented it on Netflix). It's kind of Roswell, meets Moonlight & Twilight. I think it can fill the void of no Twilight movies coming out until November, 2011.

A pumpkin decoration in one of my bay windowsCarter trying on his Tiger costume
Elise in her Halloween attirePretty much the cutest kid, everKids are starting to play together, it's cute :)Coach Magalogo down on the sidelines with some of the players from the team

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