Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treating had a few hiccups this year. On the way home to get ready for the ward Halloween party I got into a car accident with the kids. We struck and killed an antelope going about 60 mph. I swear it was a suicide mission for the antelope that hit us. I had a major freak-out, but kids are okay and I'm doing better. One plus, we did get a sweet rental car, a 2010 Ford Explorer :) We tried to go trick or treating again last night, but the weather was terrible. So yes the kids did dress up and yes they did get candy, but the trick or treating experience was not the best this year. Oh well, these cute kiddos have many years to come!

The family with ears! Costumes: A Cat, a Tiger & Minnie Mouse...this shot was REALLY hard to get!
Our pretty Minnie Mouse
Smiling Minnie
Ummm, where's the candy?
Mommy & Carter


  1. That is terrible about your car accident. Sorry to hear that! You all look SO cute in your costumes!! Lily was a tiger as well! We think way TOO much alike!!

  2. What what - love it. You and the kidlets look so cute!

  3. You're looking skinny!!!! :) BTW, this is Hea.