Sunday, December 5, 2010

December is HERE!

I love Christmas! Growing up, Christmas was a special time in my family. I am enjoying passing down those traditions to my own family. This year we will be spending Christmas in Idaho. Elise is finally understanding the meaning of Christmas and how it works. Elf on the shelf is helping a lot too.
This past week was exhausting. Poor baby Carter couldn't kick the stomach bug he had. Eight days in we decided to take him to the doctor who then immediately admitted him to the hospital. After two days in the hospital, lots of fluids and gaining nearly two pounds, he was released and is doing much better.
This weekend we went to Salt Lake for my niece Esme's baby blessing. Then we drove to Evanston, Wyoming for another niece's baby blessing. All in all it was a fun busy weekend.

Office TreeCarter is his cute Christmas JammiesElise in a Santa hat and pink Santa JammiesAnd toss it in the oven. (Patty Cake)Tree at home Just a leopard girl on her way to the grocery store
Carter practicing

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