Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Idaho was a blast this year. Highlights include, Olive Garden, eating way too much yummy homemade food, getting a new wardrobe, pedicure, cutting 7 inches off of my hair, sledding, going in my parent's hot tub, seeing Elise's face Christmas morning when she saw her Dora kitchen for the first time, Carter's horsey, getting a DVD system for the car, Daniel getting a GPS system from me, and getting all of the Twilight movies! Priceless! Hope everybody had a great Christmas!

This is Elise's face when she realized there was chocolate in her stocking
Carter riding his horseyToo many presents? This is before Santa came too.After Elise opened her colored pencils she wanted to color instead of opening more presents. Cute :)Playing with Carter's doggieWhitney's yummy Christmas Tree BreadSkipper helping Carter open some giftsGrammy's Candy Cane CornerCarter's First ChristmasUncle Brinn and Carter sledding
Cousin Addison and Elise going for a rideMommy and Elise sleddingPoppa getting them ready to go down the hillCarter chillin while waiting for his turnCarter & cousin Alexis (5 months apart)This was my house covered in snow the week of ChristmasElise showing off how much snow we hadElise ready for Grammy's hot tub! Brrrrr it's cold outside!Mommy & ElisePoppa and kiddos


  1. Looks like a fun Christmas! Now I want to see a picture of your hair after cutting 7 inches off! You guys look happy :) I'm glad.

  2. Merry Christmas to you guys!! We are SO much alike, Lily got the same doggie that Carter got!! What a fun Christmas!

  3. AH!!! It looks like you had SOOOO much fun!!! Jealous!!! Pix of your new do?