Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Adventures

Okay so far the holiday season has been amazing and hasn't stopped yet (we're still here). Below are a zillion pictures leading up to Christmas Eve. Lots of fun activities and play time with cousins for the kids up here in Idaho. Good times! Enjoy the pics!!!!

Carter looking sweeeeet in his Santa Hat
Cousin fun: Boston, Elise, Tate, Carter and McCall warming by the fire
Now best buds: Elise and BostonFun at the Idaho Falls Museum
Cousins: Addison and EliseElise and cousins Leighton and LexiMailing letters to SantaPosing in her awesome Christmas shirt
Carter's Christmas attireElise and Santa
Carter and SantaOur little Chef cooking it up at a local chocolate/candy store "Candy Cottage"
Carter posing by the tree before Santa came

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bailey O'Quinn

This weekend I was able to meet my new niece Bailey...she is perfect and the best and easiest baby in the world! Congrats Whitney and Trevor! She's a little thing (born at 5 lbs 14 oz) and has the best chubby cheeks. I am missing her already. Tomorrow we head off to Idaho for the holidays, should be a good time! Christmas here we come!

Bailey O'Quinn
Bailey holding her Daddy's thumb
My other sister, Lauren came down to meet Bailey too
Oh yeah and I got sweet Christmas nails (it's hard to see but they are red with sparkles)
12 more days and counting!!!! They are so excited!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

First Haircut

Carter got his first "real" haircut today. I've trimmed his hair a couple of times, but lately to me his hair was looking like either someone from the 70's or a bad wig. Daniel pulled out all his clippers and went to town. Now my sweet baby looks older, has lost his blonde highlights and he sat like a champ during his haircut and giggled the whole time. We also went out to a neighborhood Christmas Party and the kids got to see Santa. Carter couldn't get enough and kept wanting to get on his lap again and again. Santa said that Carter was his number one fan:) Not to mention the fun laughs Elise got when she told Santa she wants a laptop for Christmas...a pink and purple one. Here are a few to Salt Lake for the weekend to meet my new niece, Bailey!!!!

Carter before
Carter during the haircutLaughingAfter! It's pretty short, but it totally looks like a Daniel haircutThe kids bundling up as they head out to the neighborhood Christmas PartyElise and SantaCarter and SantaPosing before church (she let me curl her hair, yea!)Table I decorated for a church dinnerMy little Christmas ChefElise giving Frosty a hug

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Time

I LOVE December! So far we have decorated our house, Elise is in charge of our advent calendars, we attended our ward Christmas Party and Daniel had a Christmas choir concert (he sings in the Utah State University Choir). Oh yeah and it keeps snowing :)

Here are the kids posing in their Christmas/Winter Hats
I think he's really cute in hats
A little decorThe tree looks really tiny here but I promise it's 6.5 feet tall
My Miracle on 34th Street girl at our Ward Christmas Party Daniel's Concert (he's in the middle of the guys with a goatee)

Elise singing some holiday cheer

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We headed up to Wyoming again this year for Thanksgiving. It was full of fun...starting the morning off with the famous Walker Football Turkey Bowl, watching the Parade on TV, eating lots of yummy food, and the Greenbay Packers winning was also super fun. Now we are all extremely full and enjoying the leftovers already. Feeling thankful this year for family and most recently that we were not hurt worse in our car accident.
Other updates we did indeed find a new car, it's another Dodge Durango, but this time it is superman blue :) Good fun! Also after almost a year in a half of waiting I was able to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. It was full of crazy fans (I got there an hour early and had to sit in the front), but it was highly enjoyable.
Lastly, Logan has been hit with lots of snow...I'm thinking this will continue throughout the winter. Enjoy some pics:)

Who are you calling a Turkey?

Carter was so excited when I told him the food was ready to eat!Daniel for the 3rd year in a row has been the official man in charge of cooking and cutting the turkey..great job!
Elise and Uncle DavidOur winter weather in Logan
Breaking Dawn is out!The packed theaterOh yeah and the new car :)Carter trying to sing Christmas songs with Daniel

Elise and Carter being pulled around by Uncles