Friday, January 7, 2011

A Week of Sickness

This week the Magalogo family has been sick. Maybe it was caused by trying to recover from the holidays. Who knows. The kids have a little bit of everything and we finally got them on antibiotics two days ago. Hopefully this will help.
One thing I've learned is trying to put eye drops into a baby and toddler's eyes is torture. If adults don't like to put in eye drops in their eyes then why would kids? Just a thought. It reminds me of that "Friends" episode when Monica was trying to put eye drops in Rachel's eyes and she was fighting it so bad.
Another winter update is Wyoming has been in the single digit temperatures and some days it gets up into the teens, but mostly it is just so darn cold. No plans for this weekend and I'm excited to just be home, relax and get my family better. Until then, I have a couple shots to share.

This is my sick little girl who fell asleep on the couch
This was Elise hiding during happier times before she got sick this week
This is NOT blood! Elise came out and said proudly, "Mommy I painted my toenails!" Ahhh!
And that's all from us this week...

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