Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Partying!

The birthday celebrations are officially over. Carter had two bday parties and 3 of Daniel's family members have birthdays in February too. Good fun! Our only adventure story is last weekend we got stuck on the highway due to the roads being closed after a 30 car and semi truck accident on I-80. After 4 hours of waiting along with 250 cars, we decided to drive 2 hours (in a snowstorm) out of our way to get home. The kids did surprisingly well for having such a long day in the car and best of all we made it home safely. Lots of snow this week and deadlines for the paper, but all in all things are going great. Enjoy a couple pics from our week!
Happy Birthday!Yummy!Opening presentsWent to SLC to spend time with our friends BJ & Anuhea, Happy Birthday BJ!
Kalena & EliseDaniel's cousin Eldon and his wife Jen's new baby girl Natalie
Elise's cute new bedding for her big girl bed

Carter taking a driving lesson while stuck on I-80
Glamour shotHere are some shots from the accident
Scary stuff

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy First Birthday Carter!

I can't believe a whole year has gone by. Oh how we love you Carter! We love your lips, your smile, your laugh and the joy you have brought into our home. You are lucky to have such a loving sister who will always be very protective of you. "Stay away from my brother," Elise says. We hope you have a wonderful first birthday, Love, Mommy, Poppa & Elise.

Carter Matai: Born February 16, 2010; 7lbs 8oz.
Carter Matai: 1 year old, now weighs 25lbs 15oz.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to Normal Life

Pretty much to sum up my vacation it was the best, "All my dreams came true." First off Daniel's team the Greenbay Packers won the super bowl, then to top it off, we had fun with the kids, played with cousins, had an early bday party for Carter, got our car fixed up, went out to eat, went shopping and got pampered; this is definitely my kind of life. Now I am back with a stack of papers on my desk and newspaper deadlines to make. I wish everyday was a vacation, but what can you do. It was also fun to have Daniel's family up in Idaho for his brother Dayna's wedding. Congrats Dayna & Sally! Enjoy a gazillion pictures everybody!

Dress up time for two pretty princesses
Another day of dress up fun, love the hat Elise :)Carter playingPosingClimbingElise giving her princess waveHappy CarterThe best cupcakes, ever!Carter's early family bday partyThis was his face EVERY TIME I tried to put his bday hat on himWe finally got it on!Gotta love a Baskin Robbins icecream clown cake
Carter was happy he got his own icecream coneCousin girls at the partyOpening presentsPlaying with his new truckThe best icecream, milk and chocolate milk!Elise & Grammy at the DinerCarter posing at the DinerShirley Temple Hair - Getting ready to be a flower girl for the weddingLooking oh so prettyElise was sooooooo excited to be a flower girl!Elise performing her dutiesCute EliseSitting with the other flower girlsShe decided to help out and pick up her flowersDa Magalogo BoysCarter & GrandpaThe Couple: Dayna & Sally with CarterCarter looking oh so cool in Uncle David's shades Carter and Skipper
The Cake"What, I can't eat any food?" That was her response when I told her I didn't want her to spill on her white dress.

Love his tie
Congrats! Until our next adventure!