Sunday, March 27, 2011

We're on the Move!

That's right everybody, The Magalogos are moving back to Utah! Daniel has been accepted to Utah State University and we are packing up and moving to Logan. College life here we come! Okay I'm assuming it might be a tad different this time around, being married and having two kids, but overall I think it will be a blast! We will be in a city again so we will be able to take the kids to the zoo, swimming, to lots of parks and school activities ie basketball games, football games, gymnastics etc. etc. And for me there are three places I am most excited to have access to again, Sonic, Olive Garden and a Mall! We'll keep everybody posted on our new adventure. Stay tuned!Our new townhouseGuess who will live RIGHT next to the FOOTBALL stadium? Us! Love the Mountains!We will have a Temple by us again...(right down the street from our house)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Kiddos

Updates: Carter is now blowing kisses and really loves to dance! Elise is still enjoying her princess movies and singing her favorite songs. Daniel had his bday this week and it was fun to spend time with his family. As for me, I watched Pride & Prejudice again, the older version, NOT the Keira Knightley version, granted it took me almost two weeks, but it was quite enjoyable. Oh Mr. Darcy! "Is there nothing you could take, to give you present relief?—A glass of wine;—shall I get you one?—You are very ill."

My girl wearing pearls to church
I call this Carter's "Will Schuester Vest"Hey there stud
I guess Mommy is pretty funnyCool KidLooking pretty snazzyLove this kids greenish eyesI convinced her to let me put foam curlers in her hair, this worked out great until bedtime when she realized she was supposed to sleep in them. Carter going for a little ride with Uncle Dayna
Carter Blowing Kisses

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Have a FABULOUS day! Love, McKenna, Elise & Carter

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Madness!

Okay so I'm just a little busy these days. This week the kids got strep throat and I have been juggling 2 can be crazy sometimes. I'm not sure if anybody else feels like this, but I feel like my kids have been sick since November. Everybody I talk to say they are sick or have sick kids, I don't think you can escape it, no matter what state you live in. This week we have been having lots and lots of snow! A couple days ago I woke up to a blizzard with at least 8 inches of snow already on the ground. I can feel my days in Hawaii finally slipping away. Ha ha! Elise showing off her St. Patrick's Day attire A Future Rock StarMy 60s girl