Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trip to Utah

The Magalogo Family was able to spend a few days in sunny Utah. We got to stay at my awesome sister Whitney's house :) We also attended Daniel's sister Elizabeth's graduation from LDS Business College. The kids got to play at two parks, we spent time in Logan, and hung out with friends and family. Now we're home packing up the house and getting ready for the big MOVE....until next time.

Here's the graduate
Carter & Elizabeth
Elise & Elizabeth, I love how she is just staring at the candy leisCarter on Poppa's shoulders and nice shot of the templeCarter posing
Daniel & BJElise jumpingBest Friends: Elise & KalenaSwing time with EliseSwing time with CarterRarPlaytimePicnic at the parkMommy and CarterPosing
This picture pretty much sums up our busy trip, the kids were exhausted


  1. No mention of me and my lovely hospitality?! Also why do we never take pictures. I can always veto them if they are not cute, but we should take some. Perhaps we will get lucky and my modeling career can get back on track. Good luck with the packing!

  2. I swear you added that sentence at the beginning - that wasn't there yesterday. Was it? Apparently I am losing it. Either way - Happy Thursday to you lady.

  3. It seems like you are always doing something fun on the weekends! I love how your kids smile for pictures! So cute!