Thursday, July 14, 2011

Princess Birthday Party!

Happy 3rd Birthday Elise! We celebrated by having a princess themed party. Enjoy the pics. We are now in our new home, I am trying to organize and unpack boxes, another post will be coming soon.

The birthday girl
A princess icecream cake

Pretty princesses at the partyChasing bubblesPrincess Pinata time!
Gorgeous princess MerrittOpening presentsThe decor
Carter enjoying the party favorsElise showing off her sparklesRiding bike time!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sun, Sun and more Sun

We have been enjoying summer by playing out in the sun with the kids. We got to go to Heise Hot Springs, which are fresh water pools, warm and hot. The best thing there was the giant water slide. We thought Elise might be scared, but it was the exact opposite. She was obsessed with the water slide and couldn't get enough. She and Carter had a blast with their cousins. Enjoy some pics :)Mommy and the kiddos drying off for lunch
McCall, Merritt and EliseDaniel and Elise shooting out of the slide
Cute picnic
Carter enjoying his lunch and some sunOkay so I am feeling pretty cute in this picture, even though Carter isn't looking at the camera, I still love the water in the background.The snake river right by the pool
Slip 'n Slide time
Carter's Turn

Elise's Turn

Monday, July 11, 2011

Red, White and Blue

We had a busy 4th of July this year. We spent the weekend in Utah to see family and go to our niece's baby blessing. Then we went to Idaho Falls on Monday to enjoy the morning parade and fireworks at night. The kids had a blast staying up late and loved all the candy they got from the parade. Best give away from the parade was a tie from the Missionary Mall float. As for us our home in Logan is finally ready! We are moving in this week...woo hoo!

Elise so excited for all the candy at the paradeAddison and Elise in their cute 4th of July attireGrammy and Elise Addison and Elise dancing

Carter enjoying the parade
Ready for Fireworks! Did some Fireworks in Provo while waiting for the Stadium of Fire, firework show
Carter and Grandpa clapping for the firework show
Sisters! Got to spend some time with Whitney...we got some yummy shaved ice together :)
Baby Kayla's blessing day

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Elise!

Baby Girl1 Year Old2 Years Old3 Years OldShe did it, she's finally 3! Happy Birthday Elise! We love you so much and can't believe you are such a big kid now. Elise can now ride a bike (with training wheels), sing a zillion songs, loves to color, organize anything, dress up like a princess, remembers everything and does an amazing job of seeing something at someone's house then when she sees it again tells us, "Remember that was at Grammy's house?" We got a smart girl on our hands. Love you Elise, have a fab day!
-Mommy, Poppa and Carter

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vancouver Trip Videos

Drumming at the zoo

Pool fun

Lorikeet attack

Train ride

Swimming fun

Multnomah Falls

Feeding fish