Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sun, Sun and more Sun

We have been enjoying summer by playing out in the sun with the kids. We got to go to Heise Hot Springs, which are fresh water pools, warm and hot. The best thing there was the giant water slide. We thought Elise might be scared, but it was the exact opposite. She was obsessed with the water slide and couldn't get enough. She and Carter had a blast with their cousins. Enjoy some pics :)Mommy and the kiddos drying off for lunch
McCall, Merritt and EliseDaniel and Elise shooting out of the slide
Cute picnic
Carter enjoying his lunch and some sunOkay so I am feeling pretty cute in this picture, even though Carter isn't looking at the camera, I still love the water in the background.The snake river right by the pool
Slip 'n Slide time
Carter's Turn

Elise's Turn

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  1. I think you might have had too much fun over the past few weeks. Totally unfair. No it's fine. Perhaps next time you have fun though I can be invited.