Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The House

Okay so I am finally feeling more unpacked and that our house is set up. Elise got really sick and we stayed indoors for about a week or so. This put a damper on our daily adventure routine. I am pleased to report she is now doing much better and we are back to our adventurous schedule. As for Carter he has figured out how to JUMP out of his crib. He usually lands not so nicely and cries a lot. The last couple nights he has slept in his sister's bed to avoid any further damage to himself. Elise is being a sport, "I can sleep in Carter's bed and climb out and not get hurt." I guess this kid will need a big boy bed way sooner than we anticipated. We had a couple cool thunder storms and I got an awesome sunset pic from our backyard. Enjoy!
The Island Family Room as I call it
The Twilight Bathroom, (Check out Bella and Edward on the wall) That's right I'm not ashamed :) The view from our backyard
Awesome sunset
The kids watching a little Go Diego Go while Elise gets betterHere's another awesome park I found 2 minutes from our house, gorgeous!

I think she's all better!


  1. Love Elise's pants! We'll go to that park when next we visit. Glad she is feeling better.

  2. Wow you are the woman!! I am still not finished unpacking LOL