Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was another wedding for one of Daniel's siblings. I know what you are thinking, "Doesn't he have a brother or sister get married a lot?" The answer is yes, Daniel is the oldest of nine and he was the first to get married. We now have three left to get married, ha ha! Anyways it was fun to hang out with his family, eat yummy food and enjoy lots of music at the reception. Plus Elise was the prettiest flower girl in the world! Congrats Emerly and Kenny!

Kenny and Emerly arriving at the receptionPicture with the Bride and GroomFlower girl Elise...looking good girlfriend
Carter enjoying the wedding festivities (He played just a little too hard with his Uncles)Adam and Eldon who came from Logan for the weddingA toast to the bride and groomFun with AuntieFun with PoppaI LOVE Daniel's surprise face hereIlaoa FamilyI liked how Uncle Dayna and Sally were looking into the distance in their cowboy attire
Elise and cousin Kayla

Carter playing with Tui

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go Aggies!

We went to the first home game for the Utah State Aggies and guess what? We won! It was super fun! Here are a couple pics. Looking forward to this weekend, Daniel's sister is getting married. Until next time,
-The Magalogos

Go Aggies!

A big CHEESE!Elise wearing pig tailsCarter's new big boy bed!

Friday, September 9, 2011

September Stroller Rides

Everyday I take the kids on a stroller ride. Generally in the morning or evening when it is cooler. Mommy doesn't do so well in the heat. Anyways I got some nice shots of the kids while on our stroller rides.
As for this week we have been getting in a new routine with school starting and seeing tons of students around everyday. Elise decided to cut her hair for the first time, (it was fixable). Her response when asked why she cut her hair, "Mommy I wanted to feel it short like Rapunzel's. Carter had a big fall at the playground this week (the one where your kid falls from the very top and you miss catching him by a second). He's doing okay, I think I was the one who was more traumatized. Aggies play their first home game tomorrow night, Elise is excited to go and be their cheerleader. "Go Aggies!"
I asked where's Carter and he pointed to himself
My posing daughter
Stroller ride fun
Stroller ride another dayOur daily walk
This is Carter trying to talk: He says bye bye the best.

We took the kids swimming again, Elise going down the water slide with Uncle Dayna

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Eagles!

Well it's that time of year again....FOOTBALL SEASON has begun. Daniel's brothers Deen and Tui are playing for their high school team this year, The Lyman Eagles (the one Daniel was an assistant coach for last year). We were able to go to their first home game in Wyoming last weekend. They won 39-6. Woo Hoo! Also we are now true Aggies and will be cheering for the Utah State Football Team this year not only because we are in Logan but because Daniel will be working with the team. Yea! It's all very exciting!!!!!

Deen & TuiCarter and Auntie ElizabethGrandpa and Carter
Niece Kayla and her Daddy ToliCarter & Uncle DaynaGroup shot

Watch Tui, he's # 6 (the one running with the ball)

Deen he's # 99

Elise riding around
Showing off her Rapunzel hairWe went to a practice game for Utah StateOh yeah and these cute kiddos posing before church