Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was another wedding for one of Daniel's siblings. I know what you are thinking, "Doesn't he have a brother or sister get married a lot?" The answer is yes, Daniel is the oldest of nine and he was the first to get married. We now have three left to get married, ha ha! Anyways it was fun to hang out with his family, eat yummy food and enjoy lots of music at the reception. Plus Elise was the prettiest flower girl in the world! Congrats Emerly and Kenny!

Kenny and Emerly arriving at the receptionPicture with the Bride and GroomFlower girl Elise...looking good girlfriend
Carter enjoying the wedding festivities (He played just a little too hard with his Uncles)Adam and Eldon who came from Logan for the weddingA toast to the bride and groomFun with AuntieFun with PoppaI LOVE Daniel's surprise face hereIlaoa FamilyI liked how Uncle Dayna and Sally were looking into the distance in their cowboy attire
Elise and cousin Kayla

Carter playing with Tui

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